Woman discovers that dog drinks her coffee sneakily every time she leaves the room

A woman’s suspicion that her dog secretly drank her coffee has been confirmed in a recent viral video, which has been viewed by more than 16.2 million people.

In the clip shared with TikTok by a woman named Chloe, known in the app as Chloealiya1, we can see the pet owner relaxing in her living room.

She tells the camera, “I have a strong feeling that my dog ​​drinks my coffee every time I leave the room.”

She then picks up her short-haired dachshund and places him on the couch next to her mug of coffee, which is on a side table.

“Okay, I’m leaving. I’ll leave you here. I’ll be back,” she says to the little dog.

As a circus-style instrumental spectacle, the pet can then be seen looking around the room and seeming to figure out the situation.

When the door is closed and it looks like the shore is ready, the cute dog then climbs on the arm of the couch before leaning over to cut some of the coffee using his tongue.

The funny footage that can be seen here has been getting plenty of breathing in the app since it aired on October 22, after already being requested by 2.8 million people and shared 112,500 times.

Many social media users also rushed to the comments to share their shock over the sneaky dog’s actions.

A TikToker, Kendrah Mussel, wrote: “You behave like she’s feeding her dog coffee every day, she did not even know what happened to the coffee before this.”

Another person, Itsmemeaux, added: “So all this time you’ve been drinking dog spears. I would shit, cry, throw up, hallucinate if that happened to me.”

Scarlett wrote, “He made sure he heard the door close first!” Along with a series of emojis with laughter.

Alex stated: “You drank it after ??? [cry-face emoji] [cry-face emoji]. “

Ana <3 observed: "He really looked like 'well shii ... don't bother if I do'."

Isaiah Zeah Iamgru remarked, “He is addicted and looks into his eyes.”

Austin Rook explained, “Excessive caffeine intake can be fatal to dogs and cats, especially if no treatment is given.”

Mia Lawrence commented: “You keep saying oh caffeine is bad for dogs lmaoo yes I’m sure she knows and therefore she checks if he drinks it. Relax.”

Chloe responded to this by writing, “Thank you! I know coffee is bad for them, but I did not know he was doing this until I assumed he was.”

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs are more sensitive to caffeine than humans. Its website says, “A few laps of your morning brew probably won’t contain enough caffeine to poison your dog, but it can make them sick.”

However, small dogs, like the one in the video, need to be monitored more closely “as it will affect them more than a large dog.”

In addition, the Registry of Dog Pedigrees explains that: “If your dog eats coffee grounds, it can lead to severe poisoning as they have a higher concentration of caffeine.”

It suggests that you “call your vet right away if you think your dog drank coffee or ingested coffee products such as beans or ground.”

Dog and coffee mug
A stock photo of a dog looking over a cup of coffee. At TikTok, a woman caught her dachshund on camera and enjoyed sipping her coffee as she was out of the room.

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