Who is Glynn Barnes? Friend of alleged zodiac killer Gary Poste seen in photos

A series of Facebook photos featuring the latest alleged Zodiac Killer Gary Poste have surfaced after he was identified as a new suspect by a group of independent investigators.

Case Breakers said the person believed to be responsible for at least five murders in San Francisco from 1968 to 1969, and who claimed to have killed at least 37 more, is Gary Poste, who died in 2018.

However, police and the FBI have already questioned the results as well as the allegations that Cheri Jo Bates was yet another confirmed victim of the Zodiac Killer, as Case Breakers claims.

Following the revelation of the latest name in the hunt for the person who was never caught by authorities, Facebook photos of Poste, which was sent by a friend, Glynn Barnes, have emerged from 2018.

Barnes, who lives in California, has attracted the attention of Internet users after screenshots of him appeared to refer to Poste as “Zodiac” as far back as 2018 were shared on Twitter and Reddit.

“My last visit with the old man! Gary Poste! Zodiac? God Dang! I Miss You Old Man !,” read a caption reported from a November 2018 photo of Barnes and Poste.

Another, also from November 2018, claims to show the couple along with the caption: “Mountain Time with The Old Man! Gary Poste! ZODIAC?”

Another screenshot shared on social media appears to show a post in a Zodiac-themed online forum from a man named Glynn Barnes who published the serial killer as “Gary Francis Poste.”

Newsweek did not find these photos or captions on Barnes’ social media page and are unable to verify their authenticity or the image is said to be from a Zodiac forum.

However, other photos shared by Barnes can still be found on his Facebook page, including one of the couple hiking up Mount Haystack in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, as well as Upper Twin Lake in Wisconsin.

The pictures appear to be a tribute to Poste after his death. “Love this man with all my heart!”, Barnes wrote on Facebook.

Case Breakers said they were able to identify Poste after examining DNA evidence and new eyewitness accounts.

They also claimed that they identified Poste through a series of photographs they uncovered from his “darkroom”, as well as lines on his forehead that matched a political sketch of the Zodiac Killer.

Discussing the allegations surrounding Bates, Riverside police officer Ryan Railsback said San Francisco Chronicle: “If you read what they [the Case Breakers] that said, it’s all proof of circumstance. It’s not a whole lot. “

San Francisco police also confirmed that the case is still an open investigation. The FBI did not acknowledge the allegations in a statement to CNN.

“The Zodiac Killer case is still open. We have no new information to share at this time,” the FBI said.

Talking to Rolling stones magazine, Tom Voigt, author of Zodiac Killer: Just the facts, described the idea that Poste was the Zodiac Killer as “bull ** t.”

“This is hot garbage. I do not know why it got any coverage at all. It was basically a press release.”

Asked who he thought was the Zodiac Killer, Voigt said he would put money on the fact that it was Richard Gaikowski, the former main suspect, who died in 2004.

Voigt also said that Arthur Leigh Allen, who is alleged to be the actual serial killer in the 2007 film Zodiac sign, is the “suspicion that you just can not stop.”

He added: “If he was not a zodiac sign, he could be responsible for some other murders.”

Barnes has been contacted for further comments.

San Francisco police circulated this composition of Bay Area’s “Zodiac” killer. To the left is a drawing of witnesses to the murder of a San Francisco taxi driver. The amended drawing to the right was based on further questioning of the witnesses.
Bettmann / Getty Images

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