Tribute to NI videographer Kaja Choma after death

Northern Ireland content producer Kaja Choma from the media organization TEDxStormont has been hailed after her death.

s Choma, who also worked as a freelance videographer, was known by a number of politicians and media people through his work.

Chris Brown of PR firm Brown O’Connor said they were “completely devastated” after the death of their friend and colleague. “She was really part of our team and will be missed deeply,” he said.

“She has been a part of our success and a brilliant person, and it is very difficult [to] believe that this has happened. ”

Arlene O’Connor said Mrs Choma was “a force of nature and a joy to be around. A total pro in every way. We will never meet anyone like her again.”

Mrs Choma was originally from Poland but moved to Northern Ireland at the age of 14 before settling with her parents and older brother in Dungannon. She studied psychology at Queen’s University and lived in the city as an adult.

She worked as a personal instructor and launched a fitness initiative for Polish women in Dungannon after a training course at the Belfast Met, before embarking on a career in the media.

Former DUP MP Emma Little-Pengelly shared her grief on social media. “I’m so sorry to say that this beautiful, clear light Kaja Choma is no longer with us,” she said.

“Her passing has come as a massive shock and with great sadness. Gone too early. This beautiful soul will be remembered with much love. ”

MLA Pam Cameron also said she was “very sorry” to hear the news.

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