The winners of Block 2021 revealed: Mitch and Mark win top prize as Ronnie and Georgia come last

Ronnie and Georgia – who won most of the challenges during the season and favorites to win – have come last in a shocking turnaround. And that may be due to a crucial mistake they made prior to the auction day.

Despite their critics – not least judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer – Mitch and Mark won The Block 2021 and sold their house for more than $ 644,444 over its reserve when Tanya finally got out of cheating.

No one walked away empty-handed on auction day when all five houses on Bronte Court, Hampton, were sold.

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‘Get Them Away From This Show’ – Twins’ plan to get judges fired

In a surprising turn of events, the series favorites – Ronnie and Georgia – who won the most challenges and spaces during the season – placed last.

Although they still earned $ 296,000 on the experience, the Western Australian couple were visibly unhappy with the result.

Ronnie stormed out of the set when 1950s-style screen enemies, Tanya and Vito’s house cashed in on them a profit of $ 400,000. The father of three refused to return to watch the rest of the auctions unfold or to watch close friends Mitch and Mark win the series.

Confident that their house would attract big bids, Ronnie and Georgia (who had the power to determine the all-important auction order) had decided to level the playing field by auctioning off the properties in order of house number instead of using a more strategic Game.

This was first seen by their house at auction, where – true to previous form – there was a lack of bidding.

Tanya was thrilled that her house attracted such a large price tag that earned them $ 400,000 in prizes of laughter that she had feared it would be a “burn witch moment” where she was punished at auction for her role in this years of scam.

“I still regret it,” she said of her behavior in the series.

“I still wish I did things differently. But hey, I can ‘t be mad at getting paid $ 400k.

“I mean, of course, I’m worried that people are going to be like, ‘they don’t deserve it!’

“There are always those people in the back of your mind. But one thing I can tell those people is that we worked hard.

“There was no one else here who built this house except Vito and me and our team. So going away with this reward just makes us speechless for the first time ever.”

The mother of two said she is preparing for more online vitriol now that she has finally admitted to having taken the picture of the production plan after months of blaming an anonymous tradition.

She was forced to come clean after Josh and Luke dabbed her in to take a picture of the blackboard while standing guard. Tanya said she wished the twins had given her a “heads up” that they would tell the truth instead of letting her be assaulted with their confession of production, but she has no hard feelings.

“I had so many moments where I wanted to get clean – we all did – but you dig a little bit of a hole and it’s hard to get out,” she explained, adding that she also wonders on whether the production plan was omitted on purpose to tempt participants to cheat and create drama.

Despite controversy and chaos that her actions caused other participants, Tanya said the group had put the past behind her.

“Yes, we have teamed up and I am happy to report that we are all friends,” she said.

“I think they understand that people make mistakes. People do stupid things, but that does not mean you are a stupid person. And we are just so happy for each other. Yes, there was drama and I hope the audience enjoyed watching it, but the bottom line is that we work so hard and everyone deserves maximum coin. ”

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Twins explode in the air after the judges’ wild scores

And that was certainly true for Mitch and Mark, who, after consistently facing harsh criticism and low scores from the referees, are leaving the season $ 744,444 richer and in a new car.

They plan to spray some of their winnings out in their new home store, where Mitch will sell his own selection of designer shirts.

The fan favorite’s house was bought for $ 4.04 million by the buyer’s lawyer Danny Wallace, who also picked up their party blocks on The Oslo back in 2019.

Wallace, a colorful character who is a fixture at The Block auctions, picked up three houses on Bronte Court.

The serial Block house buyer also shot out for Kirsty and Jesse’s house – which received the biggest prize of the day that went under the hammer for $ 4.4 million – and Tanya and Vitos’ place.

Mitch and Mark, who came last when they first appeared on the show in 2019, while happy and emotional about their victory, said they understood Ronnie and Georgia’s disappointment.

“[We feel for them] because they are our friends, ”Mark said.

“But also because they put themselves first [in the auction order] so everyone could benefit. So [our auction results] felt mixed. “

Mitch added: “I felt really uncomfortable because we did not expect to win and we wanted to see Ronnie and Georgia or Kirsty and Jesse, who we have become very close with, win.”

Ronnie and Georgia had originally planned to become number two, after Kirsty and Jesse, but the high reserve prices and advice from their agent David Wood changed their minds.

“We want all buyers in the room and they want to know if they do not get this, everything else is a compromise,” he told them.

Georgia was nonetheless concerned.

“By going first, I assume what you are doing is having the largest pool of buyers in one room at a time, but you can have nervous buyers. That can be a huge mistake,” she says.

When the pair return to their fellow competitors with their $ 296,000 profits, Shelley Craft tells them “thank you for coming here and going first”.

Bidding was slow, not only on Ronnie and Georgia’s property, but also on the last auction of the day in Kirsty and Jesse’s house, which was the only property with a reserve price set over $ 4 million.

The remaining four houses, which are located on much smaller blocks and are all single-story homes, all had the same reserve price of $ 3.4 million.

The twins Josh and Luke were in tears after collecting a nice $ 530,000 profit for their house, saying they were “affected” by the results.

“Now it’s worth it,” Josh said.

“No regrets. You know, it’s clear we got a little broken during the whole show. I mean, sometimes it was deserved. Sometimes it wasn’t. For us to get a good result, it means a lot to us to keep your head high and it’s worth it. ”


House 1 – Ronnie and Georgia

Reserve: $ 3.4 million

Sold: $ 3,696,000

Profit: $ 296,000

House 2 – Mitch and Mark

Reserve: $ 3.4 million

Sold: $ 4,044,444.44

Profit: $ 644,444.44 + $ 100,000 first place prize

House 3 – Tanya and Vito

Reserve: $ 3.4 million

Sold: $ 3,800,000.01

Profit: $ 400,000.01

House 4 – Josh and Luke

Reserve: $ 3.4 million

Sold: $ 3,930,000

Profit: $ 530,000

House 5 – Kirsty and Jesse

Reserve: $ 4.1 million

Sold: $ 4,401,523.67

Profit: $ 301,523.67


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