Mitchells vs. Machines Movie gets special edition Blu-Ray

Picture: Netflix Loved you Netflix‘s Mitchells vs. the machines movie? Odds are yes, given how much the audience and critics enjoyed it. Now there is so much more to love as the film gets a physical release on Blu-ray, not only filled with extras, but with a “Katie Mitchell” clips of the movie that make … Read more

ESPN’s Dick Vitale returns to the microphone as he battles lymphoma

He is back!Screenshot: ESPN Dick Vitale returned to the podium last night for a Gonzaga-UCLA game, and if you caught the video live or on Twitter, you should be pretty stone cold so as not to get a salty spill from your tear ducts to the man currently fighting cancer. If you did not know, … Read more

Keanu Reeves proposes three Reeves films for the uninitiated

IN a new interview with Esquire, Keanu Reeves is asked where a person looking for an entrance to the 68 films he has made throughout his career should start. Reeves, whose catalog is so huge that he has played a character named “John” in seven films and one video game, need some time to find … Read more

Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen create chaos in the Santa Inc. trailer

Santa Inc.Screenshot: HBO Max ‘It’s the season for Christmas content that’s starting to roll in, and HBO Max has just shared the trailer for its upcoming Christmas themed series, Santa Inc. But do not be fooled by the cute Rankin / bas-type stop motion — Santa Claus and his elves are very naughty. In the … Read more

Post Apocalyptic Cinema Paradiso with Nolte

Charlotte Rampling, Nick Nolte, and Stellan Skarsgård ind Last word.Screenshot: Gravitas Ventures / YouTube There are people who think it’s stupid to dedicate your life to movies. Movies are not serious. Volatile. Immaterial. To that, says writing director Jonathan Nossiter, they may be your famous Last word. That’s the title of a new movie starring … Read more

11 Scariest Christmas Movie Monsters: Horror for the Holidays

Jack Frost, the horror film released in 1997 – no Jack Frost, the heartwarming supernatural holiday tale with Michael Keaton, published in 1998 – is like The Gingerdead Man, about a killer who is reincarnated in the form of a seemingly non-threatening holiday icon. More comedy than horror (or “comedy”, given the quality of one-liners), … Read more

Andrew Garfield denies being in the Marvel Movie

Peter is apparently trying to make a list of people who do not show up in his movies.Screenshot: Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios ONE Pumpkin head re-recording could be on the way. Rob Zombies Monsters offers us another tease. Claire Redfield gets scared in a clip from Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Plus, what’s … Read more

20 movies so bad, they are actually really good

It’s clear that the filmmakers behind Match was on the joke, at least to a point. One of the film’s main models is, after all, “Nell”, an organic spaceship that very deliberately resembles a pair of breasts attached to a set of ovaries. Still, the Roger Corman-produced space opera is a troubled combination of silly … Read more

30 ‘beloved’ movie classics that do not last, according to Lifehacker readers

The Goonies is the one 80s classic I never got to see as a kid. When I saw it in college, it was too late: It’s ugly, shrill and, especially these days, deeply problematic. No need to try to instill a love for it in your own children, let the past die, and so on. … Read more

The Park Ranger slips fat fish to carry before gesturing against the caste of family he wants teased

HEALY, AK — Remembered behind the brush as he watched the ignorant family of five move around their camp, Denali National Park Ranger Edward Hardin slipped a fat fish into a bear and then gestured toward the litter-eating individuals he had masturbated, confirming sources Friday. . “We do not need more problems if you know … Read more