Fitzroy warehouse remodeling turn heads with cool design

Fitzroy warehouse remodeling turn heads with cool design

A conversion to “the connection between all that’s cool” has hit the market with artistic interiors that the sellers have designed. A warehouse redevelopment in the “context of everything cool” in Fitzroy has hit the market with a clear exterior painting work and interior design. The three-bedroom property just off Brunswick St on 1/93 Westgarth … Read more

The 2,000 m property features a resort garden, open-plan living / dining areas and an indoor cinema.

Locals have stopped the real estate agent of a luxury house in Castle Hills on the street and asked about its availability at auction. One of the most anticipated properties arriving at auction on December 18 is expected to break records in Castle Hill. The 2,000 m2 house on 2 Lomond Place is expected to … Read more

Jalen Morrison jailed for Brett Halcro Pyrmont attack

The only adult involved in a horrific late-night attack on a father of one in Sydney has been convicted in court. WARNING: Graphics The only adult involved in a horrific attack that left a father unconscious on a footpath in Sydney with his face cut off by a knife will remain behind bars for a … Read more

The Vaucluse home for Carmen and Steve Davidson sells for $ 35m + after four days on the market

The Vaucluse home for savvy real estate investors Carmen and Steve Davidson has sold for more than $ 35 million in just four days, more than double what they bought it three years ago. The Vaucluse home for savvy real estate investors Carmen and Steve Davidson has sold for more than $ 35 million in … Read more

House Prices Australia: RBA predicts a 10 percent drop in 2023

Deep down, we knew it could not hold, and now predictions show that it probably will not – but the effect it will have is still unknown. Deep down, we all knew that this kind of house price growth could not last. The insane rate of acceleration in Aussie house prices – as shown in … Read more

How to Get Into the Real Estate Game Before 30: Six Expert Tips

Owning a home seems almost impossible to many young flour burners – but these six hot tips will have them well on their way. It can be hard to get into the real estate game, especially as a youngster. From saving a deposit to finding a property you actually like – that you can afford … Read more

Dutton accused of ‘playing political games’ over China’s rhetoric

Labor accuses the federal government of fueling fears of war with China after Defense Secretary Peter Dutton was criticized by a Chinese diplomat for playing “political games”. Sir. Dutton and Penny Wong have traded barbs a day after China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian went on the offensive, accusing the federal government of a Cold … Read more

Police are releasing footage of ‘extremely violent and rude attacks’ in western Sydney

Police have released action movie-like footage of an Aussie’s incredible driving skills to get away from a horrific attack. Police have released action film-like footage showing an Aussie’s incredible driving ability to get away from a gang before a kidnapping and stabbing took place in the western part of Sydney earlier this year. The person … Read more

Man dies, woman rescued in canoe accident with Yarra river

A man is dead and a woman was rescued after a mysterious canoe accident in the middle of the night. A man has died and a woman has been rescued from the Yarra River following an early morning canoe crash in the inner east of Melbourne. The couple is believed to have had problems at … Read more

Partners and families need to be reunited as Australia prepares to reopen for visa holders

Jeongyeong Lee can hardly contain his joy. The Tasmanian-based chef will be able to meet his 15-month-old daughter for the very first time next month, after changes to Australia’s border rules were announced on Monday. Key points: Australia will allow eligible visa holders to return from 1 December This means that families separated by pandemic … Read more