Pret A Manger opens its first Toronto locations

Canadian locations of Pret A Manger are on the way and they are definitely opening in Toronto.

Pret A Manger was first opened in London in 1986 and serves a typical cafe menu with coffee, sandwiches and pastries.

The chain has nearly 400 locations in the UK as well as locations in the US, Hong Kong, France, Dubai, Germany and Switzerland. Pret A Manger opens in Canada through an agreement with A&W.

A representative of A&W confirmed with blogTO that some Pret A Manger pilot sites are expected to open in GTA, although specific addresses have not been revealed.

The pilot is a two-year trial phase, and if successful, A&W will have the exclusive right to expand Pret across Canada.

The brand has actually closed 30 stores over the past two years and is looking to expand into revenue streams outside their core area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon.


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