Netflix ‘Squid Game’ doll arrives at New Street station – and she looks scary

A re-creation of the terrifying ‘Squid Game’ robot puppet to appear in Birmingham this week, it has been revealed.

The hugely popular Netflix show has broken viewer records to become the most watched series on the streaming service ever.

It focuses on a deadly game, played by a group of 456 desperate people affected by debt, with the promise of a life-changing cash reward for the winner.

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In the first episode, participants face the big robot girl for a game of ‘Red Light, Green Light’ – and losers are ‘eliminated’ if detected by her motion-sensing eyes.

The real prop for the show was borrowed by producers during filming, but has since been returned to her position in Chungcheongbok-do, a rural area of ​​South Korea’s Jincheon County, a few hours north of Seoul.

But after the show’s success, Netflix made the decision to recreate the iconic doll – which has now appeared in the UK.

It is set to visit Birmingham New Street Station and Manchester Trafford Center on Saturday, November 6, after first performing in Westfield, London on Halloween.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – OCTOBER 26: Younghee, the giant robot doll from “Squid Game”, will be exhibited in Olympic Park on October 26, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea. Netflix has installed a copy of the giant robot puppet that appears in the first episode of their worldwide hit “Squid Game” in Olympic Park in Seoul. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***

Fans will be able to ‘experience’ the fully functioning three meter high doll, who will have the same moving glowing eyes as shown in the show.

Netflix says: “Adult fans are invited to experience the fully functional 3 meter high doll, complete with moving luminous eyes and singing qualities.

Fans will be offered the chance to take pictures and videos of the doll in action, and an opportunity to interact with Squid Game costumed guards.

“Complementary circular cookies, cut with different shapes from the series, will also be available.”

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