Is Genshin Impact’s alloy better than Ganyu

In the next two updates, Genshin Impact players get Aloy for free. Compared to Ganyu, who is the better 5-star Cryo bow user?

IN Genshin Impact’s upcoming 2.1 update, PlayStation 4 and PS5 player get a free five star rating for free: Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. PC and mobile Genshin effect players then get Aloy in update 2.2. Giving out a five-star rating is a big deal too Genshin effect, and a recent livestream showed Aloy’s skills ahead of her release, which probably makes some fans wonder if she will be better than the only other five-star Cryo bow user, Ganyu.

So far, Ganyu’s only had one banner with limited character, in January 2021. She could get another before the end of the year, but because banners don’t come often, players who joined after January are without luck now. Adding Aloy to the game for free will especially benefit these players; those who, however, managed to get Ganyu may still find Aloy useful if her abilities make Ganyu obsolete.

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While both Aloy and Ganyu are Cryo bow users, their abilities are quite different. Aloy’s Elemental Attack, Frozen Wilds, treats Cryo damage twice separately and has the potential to give her Cryo arrows. She throws a bomb at enemies, which explode on impact and damage Cryo damage. After it explodes, it splits into smaller bombs that explode when in contact with enemies or after some time. These “bomberalso damages Cryo, reduces enemy attack damage, and gives Aloy a reel. After Aloy has collected four reels, her arrows fill with Cryo.

Genshin Impact Ganyu Vs Aloy: Who’s the Best 5 Star Cryo Bow User?

Genshin Impact Aloy Gameplay and Abilities Revealed

Ganyu’s Elemental Attack, Trial of The Qilin, leaves a Cryo lotus on the field that deals Cryo damage with scope and taunts enemies for continuing to attack it. When the lotus explodes, it treats additional AoE Cryo damage. It is much simpler than Aloy, but it can also damage over time. That said, Ganyu can’t get Cryo arrows like Aloy.

Aloy’s Elemental Burst, Prophecies of Dawn, is similar to her Elemental Attack, throwing a Cryo-filled power cell at enemies, but this must be detonated with an arrow. When the power cell explodes, it performs Cryo damage. Ganyu’s Elemental Burst, Celestial Shower, summons an ice soul gem that treats AoE Cryo damage with a continuous shower of ice shards. Once again, Ganyu’s abilities do damage over time, while Aloy injures her at once.

Another big difference between the two characters is their charged attack. Ganyus trades Cryo damage and creates flowers that deal additional AoE Cryo damage. Aloy protects Cryo only once. Their normal attacks are also a bit different, as Ganyu can shoot six arrows in a row, while Aloy can only shoot four.

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Both characters have three passive talents, like everyone else Genshin effect sign. Aloy’s liabilities make it so that the party does not just as easily scare animals, increase her attack percentage and the party’s damage, and increase her Cryo damage by a maximum of 35%. Ganyu’s passives increase the chalk speed of her Frostflake arrows, give Radius of the Celestial Shower characters a Cryo damage bonus, and repay ore used when making a bow.

Aloy and Ganyu are both great Genshin effect sign. Until Aloy is actually released on September 1, it is not possible to compare their damage per. Second, but what is really best will most likely just depend on each person’s playing style. Ganyu may be more suited to players who enjoy mockery, while those who prefer faster, more explosive damage may prefer Aloy.

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