Hy-Vee announces more corporate layoffs; brings total to more than 415 positions gone

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) – On Friday, Hy-Vee confirmed that another 57 positions were eliminated across corporate offices, bringing the total of corporate layoffs to more than 415 positions reduced.

The layoffs include employees from IT, engineering, equipment, real estate, and construction.

The company said all of the employees involved in the latest round of layoffs were offered retail positions and will be provided with 30 days of pay and benefits.

“Today’s announcement, combined with other employee transitions that have occurred at our corporate offices in recent weeks, has reduced our corporate office staff by a total of more than 415 positions. These transitions have come in the form of employees transferring to leadership positions at retail, taking early retirement, or voluntarily leaving the company to seek other opportunities,” the company said in a release. “We feel confident that these changes will help us be better prepared for the potential economic difficulties to come.”

The retail store chain had already asked up to 500 of its employees to move from corporate-level jobs to retail positions at its stores back in April.

The company has previously blamed rising inflation, increasing fuel and construction costs, and supply chain disruptions for the moves.

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