Former Frydenberg employee Jess Wilson shows up as front runner for Tim Smith’s Kew seat

In yet another victory for the Liberal Party’s attempt to increase the number of women in parliament, Cathrine Burnett-Wake was elected on Saturday to replace Edward O’Donohue in the upper house of East Victoria, after the veteran MP announced that he would leave parliament in December. .

The addition of new women would be welcome news for Mr Guy, who had promised to pressure the Liberal Party to adopt quotas if it failed to recruit more women before the 2022 election.

Mrs Hargreaves, who was one of the first people Mr Smith called last week to apologize when the news came of his drunken car accident, said Aging Ms Wilson would be welcomed as a candidate for Kew.

“I have known her for a very long time and she is a very mid-term liberal – she is not left, not right, she is right down the middle and I think she would be an excellent member of Parliament” said Mr. Hargreaves.

“I am very sorry for Tim, very, very sorry for Tim because he was an excellent Member of Parliament. He was the only one in the lower house who was ready to take it up to Labor, and I am extremely disappointed with Matthew Guy that he threw Tim under the bus, ”she said.

“Everyone should have a second chance, and he did not get a fair chance from the media or even many of his colleagues, which is very disappointing.”

Prominent Kew voter Jane Hargreaves backs Jess Wilson to Kew's blue ribbon seat.

Prominent Kew voter Jane Hargreaves backs Jess Wilson to Kew’s blue ribbon seat. Credit:Eddie Jim

It told several liberal sources Aging Sir. Frydenberg was among those who now supported Mrs. Wilson. Aging could not contact Mr Frydenberg to confirm this.

Other names marked as possible replacements for Mr Smith include Upper House MP Matt Bach, Boroondara councilor Felicity Sinfield, Stonnington councilor Alexander Lew, Hawthorn RSL president Lucas Moon, Melbourne city councilor Roshena Campbell and Boroondara deputy mayor Cynthia Watson . Nominations for pre-selection close on Friday.


Ms. Wilson, who is widely believed to be the frontrunner, is a former president of the Victorian Young Liberals, adviser to Mr Frydenberg while he was energy minister, and currently works in the Business Council of Australia. Her professional background is in climate change and energy policy.

During her tenure as Victorian Young Liberals president in 2016, Ms. Wilson faced a revolt and a leadership challenge by a group of young party rebels – who describe themselves as petty liberals – over the alleged dominance of the Institute of Public Affairs within Young Liberals, according to ABC .

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said on Sunday that he would not be drawn into Mr Smith’s decision to leave politics at the next election, saying he did not have time to think “on that side of politics”.

“It’s just not my case, I’m not interested in it, and I just do not think Victorians are,” he said.

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