Tower of terror: One of Britain’s most haunted houses is hosting ghost tours this weekend – and it’s only 40 minutes from Manchester

One of the most haunted houses in the UK invites people to step into this Halloween and embark on a relaxing ghost ride. If you are a fan of the paranormal and things that break at night, head to Hoghton Tower, which is only a 40 minute drive from Manchester, for an evening to remember. … Read more

Toronto Maple Leafs players show off their ridiculously food-themed costumes

It may be the scariest season, but Toronto Maple Leafs players celebrated Halloween with some decidedly spooky costumes at their annual team party earlier in October. The Leafs have made a bigger spectacle of the event in recent seasons, but with the wounds of a crushing playoff defeat still relatively fresh, and a rocky start … Read more

Parramatta Labor MP Julie Owens announces the shock resignation

A member of parliament in a crucial seat with a swing vote has told the federal parliament that she will not run in the next election. Labor MP for Parramatta Julie Owens has issued a shock message declaring she will leave politics after 18 years. Mrs Owens announced in Parliament on Thursday that she would … Read more

Keri Russell Raves about Guillermo Del Toro and her "Elegant" Horror Movie Antlers | The Tonight Show – The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Keri Russell Raves about Guillermo Del Toro and her “elegant” horror film antlers | The Tonight ShowThe Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon .

‘WOF’ fans want nothing to do with the show after its “wild” and “dangerous” puzzles

Image Credit: Screenshot – YouTube “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through the links below.” It’s the time of year for scary movies and creative costumes, and Wheel of fortune is also heading into the creepy vibes of Halloween. But some people think the game show may have gone … Read more

Monarchies vs. republics

Subscribe Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | AmazonCastbox | Stitcher | Podcast Republic | RSS | Patreon Podcast printing I have had many episodes where I talked about a country being a “republic”. In fact, we often use the word, but many people have a misconception about what a republic is exactly. So … Read more