A pet monkey from Texas football coach allegedly attacks a trick-or-treating child

A pet monkey belonging to the girlfriend of Texas football assistant coach Jeff Banks allegedly attacked a child on Halloween.

Are you ready for the most banana story in college football this year?

It’s a deliberate pun because a monkey owned by the girlfriend of Texas special teams coordinator Jeff Banks reportedly bit a child on Halloween.

Banks’ girlfriend, the woman he allegedly left his wife and children for, is (or was) a stripper who goes by the name Pole Assassin and said the monkey, named Gia, has been incorporated into her action. She has also appeared on Jerry Springer.

And her monkey apparently bit a child.

You can not figure this out.

Jeff Banks’ girlfriend denied monkey attacks, but confirmed a bite

The girlfriend tweeted about the incident, but she did not get things sorted out.

According to the woman, there was no malicious attack and the monkey was not in the haunted house.

But she seemed to confirm that an 11- or 12-year-old child was actually bitten by the monkey (who is fortunately vaccinated) after wandering into a part of the yard that was not meant to be accessed.

Steve Sarkisian brought Banks from the Alabama staff to run his special team unit in Austin. When he did, he probably did not expect that there would be a controversy involving a monkey and his stripper girlfriend.

This is college football for you. You literally never know what story will pop up next.

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