WA issues new health advice to travelers returning from southern Australia

WA Health has updated its advice to travelers who have recently returned from South Australia following the detection of new COVID cases there.

South Australia’s border with the eastern states was reopened three days ago.

On Friday, SA Health reported two new COVID cases, a man and a woman in their 20s, who had tested positive after arriving from the interstate.

Given that SA is now open to states with COVID cases, Western Australia on Friday introduced new rules for arrivals from that state.

Anyone who has been to a close or random point of contact in SA at the relevant times is required to be tested within 48 hours and self-quarantined for 14 days.

People are waiting for a flight at Adelaide Airport.
Three cases of COVID-19 have now been discovered in southern Australia since the borders were reopened on Tuesday. Credit: AAP

They must also have a new COVID test on day 12.

Anyone who has been to a low-risk random contact exposure site in SA should monitor their health and be tested if they develop COVID symptoms.

Adelaide Airport is subject to multiple exposure times, locations and classifications.

The full list of SA exposure sites can be found here.

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“Anyone who has recently arrived from SA and has not visited any of the listed sites should take the COVID-19 test if they develop symptoms and continue to check the list of regularly updated sites,” stated WA Premier Mark McGowan on Twitter on Friday.

A list of WA COVID test clinics can be found here.

Southern Australia on Friday reached 80 per cent full vaccination target for people aged 16 and over.


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