Video of Lionel Messi ‘Walking’ vs Manchester City proves that Rafael Van Der Vaart is spot on

Footage of Lionel Messi going into the build-up to Manchester City’s equalizer in Wednesday night’s 2-1 win has gone viral, proving that Rafael van der Vaart may have a point about the Argentine.

Much has been done about Cristiano Ronaldo’s lack of pressure for Manchester United, but Messi is not running much these days either.

In fact, he was guilty of Raheem Sterling’s equalizer right after the hour mark, as he had absolutely no interest in chasing the ball.

Image: PA
Image: PA

City built an attack and moved the ball from side to side while Messi pretty much stood there watching.

Rodri cut the ball over to Kyle Walker in a delicious way, and the fullback chose his English teammate at the far post.

However, the video is pretty judgmental for Messi as his lack of work speed is captured by many viewers.

Although fans did not expect Messi to cover every glass, he could have come much closer to the opponents’ players and made it harder for them to play.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner produced a handy nutmeg in the first half and was involved in PSG’s opening, but received a low 4/10 rating from L’Equipe.

And former Real Madrid and Spurs midfielder Van der Vaart has become frustrated with Messi and his constant pace.

“He goes for a walk every now and then and I think, ‘Aren’t you ashamed?'” The former midfielder told Dutch TV channel Ziggo Sports.

“I’m starting to get angry at Messi and it’s a shame because such a player will never be born again.

“It started under Ronald Koeman [at Barcelona]. It was actually a refusal to work, and that’s not true for a player like Messi. “


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