The childhood phones that broke our hearts

Do you remember the good old days? When people had real values, were the streets safe at night and America was amazing? Me neither. But I remember the happy phone designs of the past.

In the old days, my dear, before every handset was just a huge screen, phones came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most of them were ugly and stupid, but at least they had charm.

Many of these cellular gems are in the Mobile Phone Museum. The collection of over 2,000 models has been carefully transferred to an online exhibition, with images dripping with nostalgia and detail on each device.

The website has made the TNW editorial staff long to remember. Here’s how we got our hearts broken by old handsets.

Már “Aggressively Noughties” Másson Maack

Nokia 3210

As I scrolled through the museum, I was suddenly reminded of my long-forgotten love: the Nokia 3200. Okay fine, I must admit that its buttons are completely ridiculous, but the aggressive noughties design will always have a special place in my heart.

It was the first cell phone I had and it was much cooler than all the other shit on the market because it really allowed me to express Myself. Basically, you could remove the outer case, which was made of transparent plastic, and put any kind of printed background in it.

So, of course, I was by far the coolest kid in school when I rocked a phone with hand-drawn designs (or at least my mom thought so).

Anouk “Groovy Shapes” finger

Pocketline Swing