Thanksgiving guests freeze in disbelief after teenagers inform them of genocide in the Indians

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SUDBURY, MA – Their forks clap to the table moments after the 16th-year-olds’ sudden announcement, Thanksgiving guests at the Ross family dinner allegedly froze in disbelief Thursday after teenage son Ryan informed them of the genocide of Indians. “No, no, it can not be! Not my precious vacation! “Said mother Alexandra Ross, 47, one of several astonished family members who first listened in amazement to the high school youth’s statement that the first Thanksgiving did not resemble what was taught in schools before breaking the silence by spitting their out. mashed potatoes and turkey in their napkins and screaming at the top of their lungs. “This changes everything! Everything! What did we do here together with your grandmother on a terrible day like this? Oh God, burn the tablecloth! Burn the little pilgrim figure! Burn it all down!” At the time of the press conference, family patriarch Jim Ross had proclaimed that he “could not stand for the awful truth” before grabbing the carving knife and cutting his own neck from ear to ear in front of his astonished teenage son.


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