Takeaway plan in the old Burton store declined as Acocks Green already has ‘maximum’ amount

Plans to turn an empty clothing store into a takeaway have been rejected.

The scheme, which would have seen a former Burton menswear store transformed into a take-out, was thrown out because Acocks Green has already reached a fast-food limit.

More than 20 objections were raised by Acocks Green residents and the local ward councilor after a notice of the plan application was posted in the former clothing store window.

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Among the concerns raised was that the village center had already seen a rapid increase in the number of fast food restaurants opening in recent years.

An offer to change the use of the unit on the corner of Shirley Road to a restaurant and takeaway was rejected by planning staff on the grounds that the main street would “exceed the maximum quota of ten percent for hot food takeaways”.

Birmingham City Council Planning Director Ian MacLeod said the approval of the eatery would lead to an “over-concentration of hot food which would have a negative impact on the viability of the local center”.

Following the decision, Councilor Roger Harmer (Lib Dem), who made his own objections to the plans, said the village had probably already exceeded the 10 percent takeaway limit due to ongoing investigations into at least one local food company operating as a takeaway. without permission.

He said: “Acocks Green village as a whole is very close to reaching the 10 per cent, or probably already has, because a number of premises are under planning enforcement to act as takeaways without permission.

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“An interesting one is the old Greggs. Greggs moved and it reopened as a kebab shop, but apparently Greggs does not count as a takeaway, it is classified as a bakery.

“Other takeaway applications in other devices have already been rejected and other companies have joined that device, so hopefully we’ll see another company go into the Burton site.

“I’m sure a lot of people would like to see another clothing store open to give Acocks Green a wider range of retail offerings.”

Birmingham City Council confirmed that an investigation is underway into a claim for a change of use at the old Greggs site at 1144 Warwick Road.

A spokesman said “Officers received a complaint from a member of the public regarding an alleged change in the use of 1144 Warwick Road for hot food takeaway. This investigation is ongoing so we are unable to comment further.”

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