Stouffer’s targets people who spend Thanksgiving alone with a new single-family frozen family

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ROSSLYN, VA — In an effort to better serve customers who were not invited to or host holiday meals, Stouffer’s people who spent Thanksgiving alone on Thursday targeted a new frozen family with a single serving. “Our single-serve frozen families offer a convenient and intimate Thanksgiving solution for those who otherwise would not want anyone to celebrate with,” said Stouffer’s spokesman Allison Wirth, adding that the new product line comes in 12 different kinds of families. For best results, simply remove the frozen family from their packaging 24 hours before the meal to give them enough time to thaw in their chairs. However, if you are short on time, you can also bake each family member in the oven in the high oven for two hours, after which they should be ready to talk, laugh and cheer on the football match. With our wide range of families you can have grandparents, children, aunts, uncles – even a little dog! At Stouffer’s, we believe that everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving alone this year deserves the same loving family experience as those who can reunite with their loved ones by offering you their own loved ones. ” -serve frozen families that contained a cousin who is a real asshole.


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