Online art exhibition showing art, photography and sculpture

Organized by Art Grooves, an online forum for artists, the show features works by 33 Indian artists

‘Art Fair’, an online exhibition organized by Art Grooves, an art forum founded by Mumbai-based artist Poornima Dayal in 2020, brings a curated collection of paintings, photographs and sculptures.

With over 33 artists participating, the exhibition brings together a diverse collection of artistic styles and media. It pays tribute to the late artist, author and teacher, Bireswar Sen. A collection of his works exhibited at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas has been exhibited. Sen’s miniature paintings were a famous artist of his time and spoke his unique visual language. Inspired by the Himalayas, his mini watercolors often show mountains and valleys.

Art Fair also pays tribute to street photographer Akash Poddar, whose setting captures the dramatic yet mundane moments of India’s city streets. It shows a selected collection of his works.

Enamel on copper and woodwork by Triveni Mahajan

Enamel on copper and woodwork by Triveni Mahajan

Among the sculptures on display are the works of the enamel artist Triveni Mahajan. One of them, ‘Owl and Philodendron’, an enamel on copper and woodwork, depicts an owl sitting close to a tree trunk, with a bunch of colorful leaves stretching out of a branch. The work is part of her series on owls and bulls. Her journey in enamel art began 20 years ago when she experimented freely with fire, glass and metal to create a unique work.

Work by Priya Bhave

Work by Priya Bhave

“The idea was to put together a show that is not bound by any particular theme. It is a space where art lovers from all over the world can see the works, interact with the artists and also buy their works, ”says Poornima Dayal, whose paintings are also part of the exhibition. Art Grooves had completed a three-day online show earlier this year in which 22 artists participated.

Art discussions

While providing artists with a platform to showcase their works, Art Grooves, formed in 2020, also organizes discussions and live interactive sessions for Indian artists around the world. ‘Artist of the Month’, a feature promoted by it, puts the work of a selected artist in the spotlight. The current ‘Artist of the Month’, Sapna Anand’s abstract expressionist works are on display at the Art Fair. Most of her paintings depict man’s connection to nature. Although she uses acrylic and a variety of media, Sapna has recently gone into digital art to explore the possibilities of the medium.

Painting by Sapna Anand

Painting by Sapna Anand

Painting colorful semi-abstracts in acrylic was a meditative process for artist Piyush Mathur. His works at the exhibition have been inspired by people and his surroundings, says Piyush.

Medium means something

Acrylic as a medium has been inspiring for Lucknow-based artist Karishma Tomar, who prefers that acrylic can play freely with textures and shapes. Artist Priya Bhave, who studies the effect of colors in acrylic and watercolor, paints landscapes and wild flowers.

For those interested in photography, the fair includes a collection of works by photographers Arinjoy Dhar, Mallika Gurnani, Hasrat Ali, Neeraj Chandra.

Art Fair lasts until February 2022.

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