Major flooding in Scone as home and police station at Cassilis evacuated due to severe weather | Newcastle Herald

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The State Emergency Service has its eyes fixed on the Hunter River as it continues to rise at Aberdeen after major flooding in Scone and evacuations at Cassilis. SES Superintendent Graeme Craig said there was a very rapid rise in the height of Kingdon Ponds after intense rain early Friday morning, leading to major flooding. “It sat at about 50 cm overnight, now it is at 3.8 meters, which happened over a few hours,” he said. SES had to carry out three floods in Scone – two from people stranded in cars and one from a property surrounded by water. Scone Race Club has also opened up for residents to use to shelter their horses or put them on higher terrain. The intense rain hit the Upper Hunter hard Friday morning, and Superintendent Craig said it had created additional challenges as some of the worst-hit areas did not have rain gauges. Six properties in Cassilis, including a police station, were flooded and had to be evacuated. There have been more than 150 calls for assistance across Hunter and Central Coast on Friday. Superintendent Craig said precipitation began to go downstream, and SES crews “prepared for the worst but hoped for the best” in Lower Hunter, where a minor to moderate flood warning is still in place. “We are prepared for any situation that may arise in the coming days,” he said. “The rain has not been quite as bad at the lower end of the Hunter. There is a risk of moderate flooding, but with enough rainfall that could quickly get bigger.” Several major roads have been affected, with Live Traffic NSW reporting that the New England Highway at Wittingham is closed in both directions and a southbound lane of Maitland Road is closed at Hexham. Heddon Greta Drive-in has canceled all screenings on Friday and Saturday as the ground is completely waterlogged and very slippery and poses a safety concern. “Besides, to be honest, we’ve only sold a handful of tickets,” the drive-in wrote on Facebook. “Let’s hope the rain is gone by next weekend.” It comes after a severe weather warning was issued to the hunter last Friday with thunderstorms producing damaging winds and heavy rainfall that could lead to flooding. NSW State Emergency Service phone number 132 500 is now working again after experiencing a technical issue Thursday night. SES advises people: Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the local community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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