London Tube strike news: Central, Victoria, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly among affected lines


A 24-hour strike on five underground lines is underway in London, creating chaos for commuters.

Members of the union Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) are embroiled in a dispute over new shift patterns.

The affected lines are Victoria, Central, Northern, Jubilee and Piccadilly, after RMT drivers were asked not to bell from 1 p.m. 4.30 Friday.

A limited service runs on all lines.

TfL said the strike would result in “little or no service at locations” where Waterloo and the City Line – which uses Central line drivers – were also affected.

RMT said Friday morning that the strike was “rock solid with strikes out in force on all lines involved”.

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Underground strike branded as ‘shameful’ as London tries to recover

The Tube strike has hit London at a ‘critical moment’ as companies try to recover from the pandemic leading up to Christmas, warns London First boss.

The group, founded by business leaders, has more than 175 members working to champion the city.

CEO John Dickie said: “RMT, which is going on strike at such a critical time in TfL’s funding negotiations, is shameful.

“In the run-up to Christmas, when London companies and Londoners are trying to recover from the pandemic, it’s also self-indulgent.

“RMT needs to get its act together: Keeping London moving now is critical.”

Waterloo station



Bus misery at Waterloo station

Commuters are queuing for buses at Waterloo station, where limited service runs on the Jubilee and Northern lines due to strike.

The Waterloo and City lines remain closed while good service runs on the Bakerloo line.

Shrubs at Waterloo

/ Jeremy Selwyn

/ Jeremy Selwyn

Commuters go to work from Waterloo

/ Jeremy Selwyn

Jeremy Selwyn

London’s underground chief insists strikes are unnecessary

Nick Dent, director of London Underground customer operations, said: “At such a crucial time for the capital’s recovery, we are hugely disappointed that RMT is threatening London with this unnecessary action.

“By making changes to pipeline driver lists, we have given drivers greater flexibility as well as permanent work and job security, something that all other unions welcome.”

Commuters walk at Waterloo station during an underground strike



Frustrated passengers turned away from the Piccadilly Line stations

The stations of the Piccadilly line were locked this morning with angry passengers being turned away.

Miles Chapman, 22, works with a publishing house in central London.

“I have enjoyed going back to the office after the pandemic and this strike is preventing people from going in. It is very frustrating,” he said.

Leanne Smallman, 30, a retailer, said: “I’m really mad, now I have to pick up a bus and get half an hour late.

“I think it’s awful that pipe workers are preventing the public from getting into their business because of small complaints.”

Bounds Green station

/ John Dunne


Patience is thinner when commuters roam limited trains

Tensions grew in the London Underground this morning as passengers struggled to get far between the trains.

One commuter visited Pret for his “sneaky customer service” while waiting for their morning cup in Stratford, where a limited service runs on the Jubilee and Central lines.

“Nonsense customer service at Stratford today. Barrista tells customers that they want a faster service when they are told a train needs to be taken.

“He says ‘then you have to come earlier instead of rushing me’. Wow !! Never go there again. #Fun #customer experience.”

Another said: “So the situation with the pipe strike made it a bit stressful to get to work this morning. A whole three hours in a taxi … ugly.”

Some Tube services have been discontinued

/ Stefan Rousseau / PA


Londoners complain about delayed travel in underground strike

Commuters complained about the “toxic” strike on London Underground as they faced long delays.

Some told heavy traffic on the roads and crawling on buses, while others said they had ‘no idea’ how to cross the city.

Many took to Twitter to criticize the strike action.

One person said: It’s disgusting. They make more money than any of the UK public services or frontline jobs. And once again, they strike and bring chaos / financial hardship to all of London. All because they do not want to work night shifts. “

Another tweeted: “Trying to get to work during a pipe strike has not done this for a while. Wish me luck !!!”


Transport Secretary urges union to “get services started”

Grant Shapps told LBC: “I absolutely appeal to the union not to disturb everyone’s lives. We’ve had enough disturbances due to coronavirus.

“This is a dispute between TfL, the workers there and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, so I do not have a direct role in it.

“I just want to appeal to them to get around a table and get these services running. This is the last thing Londoners need. I encourage them to think again.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

/ James Manning / PA


In pictures: Queues at London bus stations

Passengers stood in line at bus stations as they searched for alternative routes with five subway lines affected by the RMT strike.

A crowded 29 bus runs to Trafalgar Square

/ Barney Davis

Finsbury Park

/ Jeremy Selwyn

Finsbury Park

/ Jeremy Selwyn


Commuters pack up on crowded buses in strike chaos

Londoners were left to fight for respite on the buses this morning as hundreds were forced to reroute the route due to underground closures.

Passengers squeezed onto a bus 29 towards Trafalgar Square on their way to more travel chaos in Finsbury Park, where a reduced Victoria line is trying to dampen the flow.

Commuters turn to buses during the underground strike

/ Barney Davis


The Piccadilly line opens reduced service when commuters take to the subway

The Piccadilly line now has a limited service after the entire network was shut down this morning due to a strike.

Transport to London confirmed that trains now run between Arnos Grove and Cockfosters around every eight minutes.

There is still no service on the rest of the line.

Piccadilly line station

/ Jeremy Selwyn


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