While the world ponders whether he and Saweetie are the new hip-hop couple on the block, a video of Lil Baby has gone viral. However, this clip has nothing to do with the “Tap In” rapper and instead suggests that Baby have a playful back and forth conversation with YK Osiris. We’ve seen the R&B singer show up all over the internet while trolling Drake and bragging about the price of his haircut to $ 1,500 and $ 325,000 earrings.

If you have to believe it, YK Osiris is out here and out of control, but in the video with Lil Baby, My turn the rapper asked if the $ 5K Osiris owes him.

The couple appears to be out shopping while talking about the cash that Osiris had to pay. Baby teases him about it, saying he’s waiting for Osiris to pick up his money. This is a debt that has been owed since April, and while YK Osiris is constantly laughing throughout the video, Lil Baby seems a bit serious about his money.

Someone outside the camera added to the conversation, saying he has learned not to call YK Osiris about debt, but instead wait until he sees him recovering. Osiris apparently agreed without giving an explanation as to why Lil Baby has not gotten his money yet, especially with the luxury purchases he recently boasted about online.

Baby jokingly said he knows this “rap shit goes up and down” and if he’s up, Lil Baby can wait for the “next hit”. Osiris said he had to get the money cleared before paying. See this for yourself below and let us know if you think Lil Baby will ever see the $ 5K.