LA Weekly’s Cannabis Holiday Shopping Guide 2021

It’s time to make some holiday shopping for the cannabis enthusiast in your life!

This year has provided a lot of great new opportunities for you to choose from. Whether you want them to grow a better pot or upgrade their bubbly to something a little more flashy, we definitely have something for everyone.

Flower mill

Lent by Flower Mill

We see a lot of grinder tech here LA Weekly. Nearly 85% of the grinders we see throughout America fall into the same format. But within the other 15%, you start to see better materials and new concepts. Flower mill certainly covers the latter. At first we were wary of its revolutionary design, which looked like it replaced the actual grinding mechanisms with a grater, but it seems so bombastic. I now use almost exclusively a flower mill.

Zen Quick Shooter + Raw Straight Tube

Lent by Raw

The new and improved straight tube is the latest offering from the biggest name in the field of cannabis roll paper. The new version works even better with rolling machines like the Zen Shooter. These are definitely one of the best options for people who do not have the dexterity to roll joints due to a medical condition.

Vibes Cali

Lent by Vibes

While we’re still on the subject of cones, Vibes’ new Cali line is a unique offering in space. While there have certainly been plenty of empty cones you could fill yourself over the years, most of them felt like either sticks or uncomfortable two-handed king-size stuff with no middle ground. Vibes Cali three packs fill that void by being slightly larger than your average cone tube plus a more straight design. So in addition to the extra volume to accommodate more weeds, you get a better hit.

Volcano Onyx

Lent by Storz & Bickel

Few technologies in any space have remained as dominant in the last two decades as the team at Storz and Bickel. While the last few years have gone after the flash with the gold edition, this year’s upgrades are not just for looks. The hardware in the Volcano Onyx series is the best yet, besides new age things like Bluetooth, it generally heats up faster than any of its previous incarnations over the last two decades. Although they run a bit higher in price than the other products we recommend this year, they are not only the best vaporizer on the market, but many 20-year-old models are still in use. It’s like a McLaren and a Toyota Camry had a baby.

Lent by Puffco

Indiglow Puffco Pro

So you thought the first edition of the Special Edition Peak Pro was not as tall as you had hoped with its sleek white finish? Fear not, the Puffco team went in the purple psychedelic spiral Illuminati for the new Indiglow edition Peak Pro, without a doubt its most amazing special edition to date, though some of the originals between 2018 and the Pro launch last year were pretty cool. One thing that sets this fall apart from the past is that all of Puffco’s premium accessories such as the charging base, the hot knife and the travel bag have special Indiglow editions that match your new electronic gadget.

Lochby Grow Journal

So your significant other has become a pretty green thumb since the pandemic started, and now they’re shouting in the backyard about winning the Emerald Cup? On a. It’s time for you to help them take their game to the next level with a growth diary so they can better keep track of their garden. Although not marketed as such, we believe Lochby field guides are the perfect opportunity for growth journal from the hills of the Emerald Triangle and all the way down to Tijuana. They have just the right amount of weather resistance and durability for the job without looking like silly overkill.


The cannabis genome is not going to develop without our help fam! Christmas is a great opportunity to give your grandmother the cannabis seeds you want to grow in her backyard next year – just do not tell cousin Billy about your plan. He’s got his eyes open for a few drops from Seed Junky and Compound. Compton’s own Masonic smoker has also stated that all issued seed packages are called “Expedition Packages.” We’re about that.

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