Is it going to snow in Birmingham today?

Due to its high geography and inland location, Birmingham experiences more snowfall than many other parts of the UK.

Sitting on the Birmingham Plateau, the city lies between 500 and 1,000 feet (150 and 300 meters) above sea level.

As a result, snowstorms often pass through the city via northwestern air currents, while also experiencing the cold from easterly winds from the North Sea.

Despite having a great insulating effect in urban areas, meaning that the city is warmer than the surrounding area due to human activity, Birmingham is no stranger to extreme weather.

On January 14, 1982, the temperature at Birmingham Airport dropped to -20.8 degrees Celsius – the coldest temperature ever recorded in the area.

This is only six degrees from being the lowest ever recorded in the UK.

Birmingham has 571 parks, more than any other European city. While this is great for the environment and general health of the residents, it also has a cooling effect. Desired in summer, but less in a harsh winter.

Is it going to snow in Birmingham today?

On November 26, 2021, it will not snow in Birmingham. However, there may be sleet showers from kl. 22.00 tonight to kl. 8.00 tomorrow early.

Expect a high temperature of 7 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 2 degrees with light showers and a moderate breeze.


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