How Russia’s ‘deadly’ new military alliance with China could end US status as the world’s leading superpower

RUSSIA and China’s “deadly” alliance would in effect end US status as the world’s leading superpower, an expert has claimed.

On Tuesday, Moscow said it has increased its military “cooperation” with Beijing in light of alleged threats from Washington, including U.S. nuclear bombers flying near its borders.


Tensions between the West and Russia are at the boiling point of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the migrant crisis in Belarus.

Isabel Sawkins, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society specializing in Russia, told The Sun Online that Russia and China united forces could “potentially be catastrophic” for Western powers.

She said: “Bringing China into the conversation is a deadly addition for the West.

“This would mean that the United States’ position in the world would be completely shattered.

“If Russia and China work together, the United States will panic.

“Because China is on the rise in the world. It’s not just a massive economy – they have so much power.

“You wanted China to work with Russia, and that they both have this fear of the West – and that brings them together. It’s a really scary prospect.”

In August, Moscow and Beijing participated in a joint war game and signed a so-called “fraternity pact” that “established friendly relations.”

This week, the Kremlin’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, revealed in the light of US exercises allegedly 20 km from Russia’s border that the two authoritarian powers have stepped up their military alliance.

He said: “Against this background, Russian-Chinese coordination is becoming a stabilizing factor in world affairs.”

The two countries agreed during a video call to increase cooperation between their armed forces when it comes to strategic exercises and joint patrols, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

Ms Sawkins said that if the military partnership develops, it will be “terrible” for the West.

She said: “If Russia and China end up working together – they want to knock America down a few sticks.

“They do not think the United States deserves to be this global player at the forefront of everything.

“The Biden administration – its reputation has been tarnished by what happened in Afghanistan, and this has led many people to question the credibility of the United States when it comes to military interventions and activities abroad.”

On the implications for Europe and Britain, she said: “It’s scary for Britain because we are significantly closer to the border with Russia than the United States is.

“We are very, very close to Moscow.”

America would not be able to fight Russia and China by itself.

Isabel Sawkins

Sawkins said that if Russia and China were to attack US forces, Britain would have to step in.

She said: “Europe is going to get caught up in the mess. We need to make sure we are ready in the event of strikes – and we need to step in. We basically need to be vigilant.”

“America would not be able to fight Russia and China alone. America would need Western partners, and I think one of the first they would come to us.”

Earlier this month, Russia warned that relations with the West are “almost at boiling point” as tensions rise over migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border.

With NATO and Russian forces playing cat and mouse games, Putin said he would “simply destroy” any country that invaded his country’s territory.

In recent days, US officials have warned that Russia may be planning an invasion of Ukraine, with the Kremlin gathering 100,000 troops at its border.

And Putin’s regime has been accused of inciting the unfolding migration crisis between Belarus and Poland and even sending their own nuclear bombers into the area.

Belarus – called Europe’s last dictatorship – has been accused of “weapons” migration against the EU, which has sparked a tense battle along their border with Poland with troops on both sides.

This comes after the EU sanctioned Belarus after its brutal crackdown on anti-regime protesters following a controversial election result.

About 13,000 soldiers participated in the exercises in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region


About 13,000 soldiers participated in the exercises in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Videos appear to show ‘Russia gathers tanks, armored vehicles and troops’ on border with Ukraine, while Putin ‘ready to invade’

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