Glazed acoustic walls help Shore Financial create flexible spaces in the North Sydney office

Removable acoustic walls from Bildspec were installed in the new office of leading independent Australian mortgage brokers, Shore Financial, to help create flexible spaces.

Bildspec Operaable Walls was recently selected by developer Scope Projects to install their Konnect double-glazed, moving acoustic wall panels on Shore Financial’s new office facility in North Sydney.

By combining the elegance of glass with the reliability of a Bildspec-operated wall, Konnect acoustic movable walls were installed as an office wall of glass to separate side-by-side boardrooms in addition to separating the boardrooms from the adjacent common work area. These movable acoustic wall panels allow for transparent connection of all three rooms with acoustic reduction properties.

Following the installation of the user-friendly glass acoustic movable walls, Shore Financial now has greater flexibility in the use of their office space with the option to increase or decrease the size of their boardrooms at will or combine them with the office space to create a larger multifunctional breakout room when needed.

In addition to creating a flexible space, these glass acoustic office walls greatly reduce the amount of external noise from passing through the wall and into each of the divided spaces. This reduction in sound is measured in Rw (Weighted Sound Reduction Index). Different combinations of top / bottom seals and plate constructions are crucial for the wall’s ability to overcome problems with sound transmission. These operated walls recently achieved an acoustic rating of 48Rw when tested for their acoustic performance at CSIRO’s acoustic testing facilities in Clayton, Victoria.

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