Fury over 11 months delay in finding a school for the Solihull girl

“SHE will never get that time back” – that is the fear of Ann Monaghan, who is the caretaker of her granddaughter Morgan.

11-year-old Morgan has been kept out of school for 11 months, and Ann says the blame lies right at the door of the local education authority, Solihull Council.

Ann said: “This child has been out of school for 11 months and no one on the council has been able to find her anywhere.”

Morgan has lived with Ann for the past five years and suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyspraxia.

In recognition of her condition, Morgan received an education, health and care (EHC) plan from the council to give her extra help, but since then Ann from Bentley Heath says nothing has happened.

“This is a child who was behind when she first got the plan,” Ann said.

“I have never missed a meeting with the municipality’s social department, they meet every three months, and I am always there, and yet nothing has happened.

‘No room has been found for her and there is no home teacher. They have not put anything in place.

“It is a child that the social services and the education authority have failed. She will never get her time back. “

Ann said Morgan had been bullied at school because she had struggled, but instead of dealing with the bully, it was Morgan who had been made the scapegoat.

“The authorities must ensure that a child receives a proper education, that is the whole point of the EHC plan.

“It is a document prepared with input from doctors and other experts to see what a school can offer, and that plan should be complied with by the local education authority.

“Morgan is someone who needs school more than anyone else, and yet she has not been in one for 11 months. It’s disgusting.”

A spokesman for the Solihull Council said they were unable to comment on individual cases but added: “It is important that all children can go to school regularly.

“We have recently set up a new Inclusion Team, whose focus is on supporting families and schools where a child has difficulty going to school.

“This includes children who do not go to school because they want to move to another school.

“We are also finalizing our additional needs strategy, which further outlines our plans to improve school inclusion and specialist services across Solihull, so families have more options to consider.”

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