Emmanuel Macron condemns Boris Johnson’s methods of migrant crisis

Emmanuel Macron condemns Boris Johnson's methods of migrant crisis

“I’m surprised at methods when they’re not serious,” said Emmanuel Macron (File)


French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that he was “surprised” by the approach taken by the British Prime Minister in the crisis over migrants crossing the canal, saying leaders should not communicate with each other via social media.

“I am surprised at methods when they are not serious. One leader does not communicate with another about these issues on Twitter, by public letter,” he told reporters during a visit to Rome.

France is furious after Boris Johnson posted the contents of a letter to Macron on Twitter suggesting France should take back migrants arriving in England after the death of 27 people in the channel this week.

Earlier, Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin told British colleague Priti Patel that she was no longer invited to weekend talks on the crisis with other European ministers in protest of the letter.

The meeting is now set to continue without any British presence, prompting London to demand that France reconsider the rejection.

“Ministers will work seriously on serious issues with serious people,” Macron added.

“That is why this Sunday, Minister Darmanin will meet with his colleagues from the EU and the Commission to work on these issues. Then we will see with the British how to work effectively when they decide to be serious.”

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