City of Yarra spends $ 22,000 on banana sculpture in Fitzroy as part of road safety grant

A bizarre statue of a banana has divided opinions in Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy and was damaged by vandals overnight.

The almost two meter high statue, entitled ‘Fallen Fruit’, was created by the artist Adam Stone and commissioned by the city of Yarra.

The council sprayed $ 22,000 to create the sculpture, which was part of a grant from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

The artwork is part of an initiative to activate and improve road safety on Rose Street.
The sculpture is almost two meters high. (Nine)

“(It represents) this kind of idea of ​​hubris or this overconfidence in Western society and the way we have been attracted to profits and consumption,” said Mr. Stone.

But vandals attacked the sculpture last night and tried to take a disc home.

“It was a bit of a surprise to come down this morning and see someone trying to cut it in half – but you put work out into the world and people will interact with it,” said Mr. Stone.

The statue has received a number of opinions where not everyone in the community is crazy about the artwork.

Artist Adam Stone did not think his banana sculpture would be controversial. (Nine)

“An interesting piece – maybe not the one I would have chosen, but it’s art, and it’s meant to be thoughtful and stop people in their tracks, and it certainly does,” said business owner Jason Cameron.

“I’m not really a fan of sculpture in general,” said another person.

The sculpture’s mega prize of $ 22,000 has attracted attention and some have had a hard time digesting.

The banana sculpture in Fitzroy has received mixed opinions. (Nine)

“There’s a lot of homeless people sitting there, but still there’s a $ 22,000 sculpture sitting,” one person said.

Mr. Stone said he did not plan the artwork to be controversial, but he would embrace it.

TAC Road Safety Director Samantha Cockfield said she did not know the artwork would be a banana.

“We were not specifically aware that there was a work of art that was going to be a banana,” she said.

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