BTS Perform “Permission to Dance” on The Late Late Show

BTS ‘song “Permission to Dance” is guaranteed to make you smile! Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook showed up The late late show with James Corden on Tuesday and gave an energetic performance. And of course, they treated the fans with an amazing dance routine! The boy band also gave a nod to The Army fans across the globe – a background showed a sign with directions pointing towards Seoul, London, Moscow, San Francisco, Kenya, Paris and more. Watch the clip above!

During their performance on The late late show, BTS celebrated their Grammy nomination for best pop duo / group performance for “Butter”. They also allowed Corden to ask for forgiveness from the military following his controversial comments in September. If you missed it, the talk show host got the nickname Papa Mochi during an episode of carpool karaoke in February 2020. But fans urged him to remove the nickname from his Twitter account after he made a joke during an episode about BTS performing with ” Permission to Dance “at the UN General Assembly.

“Although many people say why is BTS there, world leaders have no choice but to take BTS seriously. BTS has one of the largest ARMIES on planet earth. Historic moment. This is actually the first time that the 15-year-old old girls everywhere saw that they wished they were Secretary-General António Guterres, “he joked. On Tuesday, Corden did a little groving in an extended clip from The late late show to remedy the scandal. Watch BTS take a vote on whether they forgive the talk show host or not!

Image source: YouTube user TheLateLateShow

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