Apple AirPods Pro Black Friday Deals: This amazing savings is available now


Angela Lang / CNET

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Hope you can pick up some Apple AirPods with a great discount? Fortunately Black Friday is here to answer your dreams. Right now thanks to an incredible Black Friday AirPods deal you can pick up AirPods Pro at their lowest price ever. This discount saves you $ 80 compared to what Apple has listed them for, which means AirPods Pro can be yours for only $ 170 right now if you’re fast. They went as low as $ 159, but that offer has expired. Meanwhile, Apple AirPods 2 are available for $ 100. This offer hardly lasts long, so if you’re looking for a pair of AirPods, grab them now!

AirPods Black Friday deals tend to sell out pretty quickly. Earlier this month, the Walmart reduced the AirPods 2 to just $ 89, and it did not last long. We’ve already seen stock go in and out on AirPods Pro, though both Walmart and Amazon seem to have them in stock at the moment. Other retailers, like Target, still have these price $ 190 and have not matched Walmart announced Black Friday deal.

You’ve probably heard of AirPods Pro before, but here’s a little overview of what you need to know about these popular earphones. AirPods Pro are truly wireless earphones that offer active noise reduction, a feature which AirPods 2 does not have. You will notice that the design of them is a bit different and that is because Apple needed silicone tips to form a better fit in your ear and the stems of the headphones have a touch panel to control various settings. You can use them with or without noise reduction, and Apple added a transparency mode that shuts in some of the external noise so you can still hear what’s going on around you. Apple recently upgraded the AirPods Pro charging case to include MagSafe, which is a great addition.

Odds are that this deal will not be widely available for much longer. We expect retailers to sell out of these, or that they will go in and out of stock over the weekend. This is the lowest price that AirPods Pro has ever had, and none of the upcoming Black Friday deals will make them cheaper, so the best bet is to buy them now so you do not miss anything.

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