After Brendan Fraser reacted to fans rioting after his comeback, his interviewer remembers another wonderful moment

What the hell happened to Brendan Fraser? The mummy star was one of the forerunners of Hollywood in the 90s and early 2000s before he apparently fell completely off the public eye, and now he’s back. These days are known as the Brenaissance for fans of the 52-year-old actor, and after reacting to his fans raving about his comeback, Fraser’s TikTok interviewer recalls another wonderful moment with George of the Jungle star.

TikToker Lindley Key jumped at the chance to talk to Brendan Fraser after seeing an ad for a virtual meeting and greeting with the star, and used her conversation with the actor to tell him how much his fans are pondering that he’s coming back. he deserved and how loved he still is by those in his corner. You can see the clip below that Key posted to her TikTok, where Phrases are visibly suffocated by the emotions:


“Shaps, madam!” 🥰🥰🥰 Addition to the Brendan love from earlier today. ## brendanfraser ## themummy ## mummytok ## rickoconnell

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