Venture Bros. Boss confirms the return of a great character to the film

Venture Bros. co-creator Doc Hammer reveals that yet another of the characters he has voiced will be part of the upcoming finale film.

Doc Hammer has revealed that a fan-favorite character from That Venture Bros. will appear in the upcoming film.

The co-creator and voice actor for Adult Swim’s long-running parody series shared a post on Instagram of himself in a recording booth where he was working on the film. “SPOILER ALERT: I’m recording Shoreleave!” the caption reads. “So, simple deduction leads the wise mind to the conclusion: ‘I guess Shoreleave is in the Venture specialty. Joy!'”

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Shoreleave debuted in the show’s third season as a former member of the Office of Secret Intelligence, Venture‘s response to groups like SHIELD or GI Joe using The Village People. Shoreleave, an effective spy and lethal soldier, was fired from OSI for violating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and went on to become an agent of the apostate villainous hunting organization SPHINX After the leader of SPHINX, Colonel Hunter Gathers, was reinstated in OSI and promoted to its leader, the SPHINX itself was disbanded, and Shoreleave and his other blacklisted agents were allowed to join the good guys in an official capacity.

That Venture Bros. debuted at Adult Swim in 2004 and ran for seven seasons over 17 years before being canceled. However, Hammer and his co-creator Christopher McCulloch (sometimes credited as Jackson Publick) were given the opportunity to quit Venture Bros. with a feature film. Adult Swim President Michael Ouweleen said at the time: “By leveraging the power of WarnerMedia, we can deliver original content to our incredibly dedicated and non-shy fans, while giving our talented series creators an opportunity to tell stories in new and interesting ways. . “

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The line about the “mysterious woman” from Ventures’ past is particularly noteworthy. Many years of fans of the show are well aware that the identity of Hank and Dean Ventures’ mother is a mystery that has been teased since the show’s beginning, and the film can finally provide concrete answers to the question.

Venture Bros. the film will be available exclusively on Blu-ray / DVD and digital platforms for 90 days after release and streaming on HBO Max and Adult Swim thereafter.

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