The best Fitbit Charge 5 tapes you can buy

Fitbit Charge 5 review on the wrist

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Fitbit has the ability to make sleek, attractive smartwatches and fitness trackers, and the Fitbit Charge 5 is no exception. The laptop brings a larger AMOLED color screen to the Charge series for the first time, making it the most attractive model in the series. If you still feel it’s a bit bland, there are plenty of Fitbit Charge 5 tapes available to spice up its design. But which should you choose?

Below we take a look at some of the best Fitbit Charge 5 tapes you can buy. From versatile silicone to classic metal and comfortable fabric, there is a design and material available for every taste.

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The best Fitbit Charge 5 tapes

TopPerfekt Sports Band: The best Fitbit Charge 5-band of silicone

top perfect band fitbit charge 5

If you have purchased the Fitbit Charge 5 as a running or fitness companion, it is best to get a band that puts activity first. TopPerfect’s Sports Band does just that. Available in different colors, the strap uses a double-slot buckle to attach it to your wrist and two extra straps to ensure slack. Ventilation holes across the band ensure that your skin can also breathe easily.

Koreda Stainless Steel Mesh Loop: The best metal mesh band

koreda steel mesh loop fitbit charge 5

Silicone is a versatile material, but it lacks the sophisticated metal. Steel mesh ties just do not go out of fashion either. Perfect for a day at the office, an evening in the city or a light workout, Koreda’s Stainless Steel Mesh Loop is available in three colors: Black, Champagne gold and silver. It uses a magnetic fastener, which makes the Charge 5 easy to remove and comfortable to wear. The mesh design also ensures that the band does not suffocate the skin, which reduces the risk of painful friction rashes.

Yewode Metal Band: The best metal link Fitbit Charge 5-band

yewode metal fitbit charge 5

Are you not a fan of mesh? Prefer the look of traditional watches? Grab this classic band style from Yewode instead. Still using stainless steel, this band uses a link system that allows you to adjust your arm freely. It is fastened by means of a release buckle which is opened by means of a push-button system. It is functional, formal and turns your Charge 5 into sophisticated wrist clothing.

Qingqing Leather Strap: The best leather strap for Fitbit Charge 5

qingqing leather strap fitbit charge 5

A slim, simple and extremely comfortable strap, the Qingqing leather strap is available in two colors, namely black and pink. We love the simplicity of this strap, which is fastened using a pliers clamping system. This should make it great for those with smaller wrists. Leather is among the more comfortable materials to wear on the wrist, especially if you do not sweat too often.

Mtozon Bling Band: The best statement Fitbit Charge 5 band

mtozon bling band fitbit charge 5

Here’s a flashy alternative if you’ve feeling that the Fitbit Charge 5 straps mentioned above are too muted. This Mtozon band is made of metal and studded with rhinestones, which adds some flash to your daily wear. It also has a simple folding buckle that makes it easy to zip the Charge 5 off when required. Three colors are also available, making this a great option for all Charge 5 owners.

Surundo straps: The best durable Fitbit Charge 5 straps

surundo fitbit charge 5

Scratches on wearables are unavoidable, but you can delay the eventuality with a protective tape. This particular example from Surundo uses lots of silicone which engulfs and protects the edges of the Charge 5. This is to protect against accidental bumps on walls, tables and other clock switches. Best of all, Surundo includes two bands per. package, making this a great deal. There are also lots of colors to choose from.

Fitbit Hook & Loop straps: The best Fitbit Charge 5 straps in fabric

fitbit hook and loop band fitbit charge 5

Here is finally one from Fitbit’s barn. This band is made of nylon and contains some recycled polyester in its construction. It’s perfect for those looking for a sustainable, comfortable band. To increase comfort, the strap uses a hook-and-loop system that is held in place with velcro.

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