Jude Bellingham’s younger brother tipped to star status after putting Birmingham on the bench

Jude Bellingham wrote his name into Birmingham’s history and now there may be another teenage Bellingham, his brother Jobe, who plays the lead role for the club in the near future

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Birmingham believe Jude Bellingham’s younger brother Jobe is on his way to follow him to star status.

But Brum boss Lee Bowyer insists that Jobe is a very different player than his big brother and admits that Jude’s fantastic career path will make it difficult for his siblings.

The schoolboy Jobe, who plays at the front and turned 16 in September, was among the substitutes for the first time in the Championship in Birmingham’s draw 0-0 in Coventry on Tuesday night.

He has yet to make his debut for City, but expectations are high after Jude’s fantastic breakthrough as a teenager.

He became Birmingham’s youngest player ever in 16 and 38 days and then their youngest goal scorer before a move to Borussia Dortmund at £ 25 million in July 2020.

Jude Bellingham’s younger brother Jobe is on his way to follow him to star status


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Bellingham, now 18, has since become an English star with 10 caps and has also played in the Champions League regularly.

Bowyer predicts that defensive midfielder Jude may one day end up marking his younger brother, who is an English U17 international.

St. The Andrews boss reflected: “We know he will be a good player and will be the club’s future. Otherwise he would not have been sitting on the bench. The next couple or three years are really important to him.

“We believe he will be good. But it is not fair to him when he steps on the field now everyone will expect him to be like his brother. Do not do it to the boy. He will be his own player, himself .

“They are different players, you can not expect him to do the same things that his brother does. He has to fill in, he has to get stronger and they are two completely different players.

“If you put them on the field, they would probably play against each other if they were on opposing teams in five years, at the positions they play.

Jude Bellingham has been a hit in Germany and won the DFB Cup

“But it’s going to be hard for Jobe because everyone will expect him to do what his brother did. He will not do what his brother did – not now. He’s learning the game.

“Will he become a solid and first-team player in a year or two? We do not know, that’s how he develops.”

Birmingham approached Bellingham for the bench at the Coventry Building Society Arena as they were without six senior players.

Bowyer added: “We have a system that is like a pickaxe and we have a couple who were not available because they are also injured for the U23s. Jobe is on the bench because he is the next in line.

“He’s young, he’s 16, is he ready to play today? Of course he is not. But it’s no use putting someone there who will not be the future of the football club.”

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