Grammy CEO says “We do not want to look at people’s history” after Marilyn Manson and Louis CK received nominations in 2022

Recording Academy President and CEO Harvey Mason, jr. has defended the Academy after Marilyn Manson and Louis CK received nominations for next year’s Grammy Awards. Mason told TheWrap that personal and legal matters would not affect the eligibility of artists, suggesting that the Recording Academy would exercise more control over those invited to Grammy night. Manson is the subject of several lawsuits over sexual assault and was nominated for album of the year and best rap song for his respective contributions to Kanye West’s Donda and “Prison.” CK, who was nominated for best comedy album, has admitted several cases of sexual misconduct.

“We do not want to restrict the people who can submit their material for consideration,” Mason told TheWrap. “We do not want to look back at people’s history, we do not want to look at their criminal record, we do not want to look at anything other than the legality within our rules about, is this admission to this work justified based on date and other criteria. If it is , they may submit for consideration. ”

The Grammy boss continued: “What we want to control is our scenes, our shows, our events, our red carpet. We want to take a look at everyone who asks to be a part of it, asks to be present “And we will make our decisions at that time. But we do not intend to restrict people from submitting their work for our voters to decide.”

Pitchfork has contacted Recording Academy representatives for further comments and information.

The Grammys were under fire last year when Lukasz “Dr. Luke “Gottwald received a nomination for this year’s record for his pseudonymous work as Tyson Trax on Doja Cat’s” Say So “. Fiona Apple accused the Academy of betraying Kesha, who has alleged abuse by Dr. Luke. “They had [Kesha] up there singing ‘Praying,’ “Apple said,” and now they go, ‘Oh, but it’s Tyson Trax!’ “Gottwald received three 2022 nominations for his work on the Doja Cat.

Other 2022 Grammy nominees include Dave Chappelle, whose history of transphobia has been explored in the wake of his Netflix stand-up special The closer. He was nominated in the category Best Spoken Word for 8:46, together with the poet Amir Sulaiman. In addition, DaBaby, which suffered a setback after making homophobic remarks during a performance in July, has been nominated twice in the Album of the Year category (for its contributions to Justin Biebers Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe) and Kanye Wests Donda).

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