Gallery guide to Miami Art Week 2021

While crowds of art lovers descend to South Beach to Art Basel Miami Beach, let’s not forget the galleries across the dam that hold amazing shows all year round.

While many local galleries were either closed or slow to reopen around this time last year, Miami Art Week 2021 is set to become a resurgence of the times. Although the exhibits on this list open in the first week of December, they will remain visible until the beginning of 2022 – giving you plenty of time to get your art on.

click to enlarge Detailed image of Bacchanale I by Richard Hoglund (2021) - PHOTO ALLOWED FROM BONNIER GALLERY

Detailed picture of Bacchanale I by Richard Hoglund (2021)

Photo courtesy of Bonnier Gallery

In addition to a stand at the Art Miami Fair, Bonnier Gallery debuts with the painter Richard Hoglund’s works together with a rarely seen work by the sculptor Carl Andre. “I’m really excited for people to see Richard Hoglund’s new paintings,” says gallery owner Christina Bonnier. “These are the kind of works you really have to see in person.” Bonnier notes that Minyades – the three sisters of Greek mythology – is a related tale in our current climate: Dionysus turned them into bats in refusing to give up their quiet lives. All the works by Hoglund were painted in 2021, each encapsulating a dark theme similar to the title of the exhibition and inspired by the sad tale of Minya’s daughters. Thursday, December 2, through February 28, 2022 at 3408 NW Seventh Ave., Miami;

click to enlarge A piece by Jacin Giordano - PHOTO WITH ADDING VARIABLE DIMENSIONS

A piece by Jacin Giordano

Photo courtesy of Dimensions Variable

Curated by Evan Garza, Dimensions Variables “Can I Sit Next to You?” is a collaborative show featuring works by artists Nicole Doran, Jacin Giordano, Coe Lapossy, Loretta Park and Brandon Opalka. The five artists worked virtually collaboratively for a handful of months, each producing works that can stand alone and as part of a larger whole. Selected works are paired for the show, Garza explains. “Each artist has a work that ‘sits’ next to every other artist in the show – a gesture that is both collaborative and generative and asks where one artist’s work ends and the next begins,” he adds. “These pairings deliberately remove the physical distance – and emphasize the closeness – that has existed between these artists for the past many months.” Dimensions Variable will also have a stand at the Untitled Art Fair. Seen through January 28, 2022 at 101 NW 79th St., Miami;

click to enlarge Untitled (2021), by Yanira Collado - PHOTO VALID FROM EMERSON DORSCH

Without title (2021), by Yanira Collado

Photo courtesy of Emerson Dorsch

Miami Art Week 2021 will be the first solo exhibition for Miami artist Yanira Collado with the Emerson Dorsch Gallery. An impressive platform covers the floor of the gallery, while works of art take up space around it. The platform is intended to symbolize the floor plan of a house, while at the same time honoring the building’s past life as a bodega. “Collado continues to permeate her work with stories of migration and subcultures, wrapping them in protective layers of cardboard, paint and fabric,” the gallery wrote in a press release. Emerson Dorsch will also exhibit at a booth at the Untitled Art Fair, where in addition to Collado’s works, it will showcase works by Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and Ernest Gutierrez Moya. Seen through February 5, 2022 at 5900 NW Second Ave., Miami;

click to enlarge Hand on Fire (2004), Prismacolor on black bows, by Judy Chicago - PHOTO VALID FROM NINA JOHNSON GALLERY

Hand on Fire (2004), Prismacolor on Black Bows, by Judy Chicago

Photo courtesy of Nina Johnson Gallery

“I’m excited to see so much energy around this year’s trade show,” says gallery owner Nina Johnson. Although a few shows are currently underway, the gallery will open two new solo exhibitions by artists Judy Chicago and Jamilah Sabur just in time for Miami Art Week. “We’re showing an extraordinary presentation of Judy Chicago’s glassware in our gallery upstairs, and a solo presentation of Miami’s own Jamilah Sabur in the main room. Jamilah has had a fantastic year, including the presentation of new work at the Prospect New Orleans Biennale,” adds Johnson. In addition to the artwork in the gallery, Johnson will have a booth at the NADA Art Fair featuring works by artists Savannah Knoop, Jasmine Little, Nasim Hantehzadeh and Emmett Moore. Seen through January 2022, at 6315 NW Second Ave., Miami;

click to enlarge A painting by Reginald O'Neal - PHOTO APPLICABLE FROM SPINELLO PROJECTS

A painting by Reginald O’Neal

Photo courtesy of Spinello Projects

Artist Reginald O’Neal’s second solo show on Spinello Projects, “They Dreamed of Us,” opened in late November and is one of the gallery’s main exhibitions for Miami Art Week. The second solo show, “I Love You, Man” by Bernadette Despujols, features a collection of intimate portraits of the men in the artist’s life. “At Spinello Projects, people will continue to see what we’ve been fighting for for the last 16 years: the best of what Miami has to offer,” says gallery owner Anthony Spinello. Spinello Projects will also have three viewing rooms open to guests with works by Elliot and Erick JimĂ©nez, Sinisa Kukec, Mateo Nava, Ema Ri, Naama Tsabar, Juana Valdes and Clara Varas. Seen through January 15, 2022 at 2930 NW Seventh Ave., Miami;


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