Evening Standard Comment: We need to address London’s vaccination problem


accines have not only served as our way out of the lockdown, but as a return ticket to normality. Today, however, we have revealed the capital’s shocking large pockets, where people have not yet received a single plug.

Nine London boroughs are each home to more than 100,000 unvaccinated residents aged 18 and over. In Westminster, an astonishing 40 percent are unvaccinated.

These people put themselves in unnecessary and potentially serious danger if they become infected with the virus. Nearly three-quarters of the patients admitted to the intensive care unit were unvaccinated, according to this week’s Intensive Care National Audit & Research Center. That number rises to more than 90 percent among 18-39-year-olds.

A large and persistently unvaccinated population is also a risk to their communities, town and country. In the last few days, we have seen Austria return to a national lockdown, while restrictions are being reintroduced across the continent.

London has a lower proportion of double-vaccinated than Austria as a whole. If we want to stay open, keep our economy going and prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed, we need to get as many plugs in as many arms as possible. A pandemic of the unvaccinated cannot be allowed to hasten a return to restrictions for all.


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