Elementary school teachers in Vancouver are pushing for a vaccine mandate

An association representing elementary school teachers is asking the Vancouver School Board (VSB) to reconsider implementing a vaccine mandate for staff.

The Vancouver Elementary School Teachers’ Association (VESTA) initially sent an email to VSB on Oct. 12 urging trustees to advocate for a vaccine mandate.

In a statement, VESTA said it was disappointed with the VSB decision not to implement a vaccine mandate for employees. “We ask trustees to reconsider their decision not to implement a vaccine mandate in Vancouver.”

On November 4, VSB issued a statement after internally deciding not to implement a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for staff.

“As a board, we remain very committed to ensuring that schools are safe and inclusive places to learn and work,” the statement from VSB read.

“We are pleased that approximately 90 percent of eligible youth and adults in the Vancouver Coastal Health region have been vaccinated, and we continue to encourage anyone who has not yet been vaccinated to make an appointment and do their part to keep all healthy and safe. “

VESTA points out that the VSB decision came less than two weeks after BC Folkeskoles Arbejdsgiverforening laid down guidelines for considering the implementation of a vaccine mandate.

“It is also worrying that the shop stewards chose to have all discussions on this matter behind closed doors instead of at a public board or committee meeting where stakeholders and the public could provide input or at least listen to the debate,” the VESTA president said. Joanne Sutherland in a statement.

“We are ready to discuss and work with the district on any exceptions that may be necessary and hope that we can have an ongoing dialogue with administrators as well as all stakeholders as part of that reconsideration.”

Daily Hive has contacted VSB for a comment.

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