12 B2B tags with video content worth swiping

As a B2B brand, you have probably noticed the switch to video over the last few years. We have definitely noticed this at Wistia. Video uploads to our platform increased by 80% in 2020 – a strong signal that more and more brands are jumping on the video bandwagon.

While you may know that video is a valuable investment, you may be stuck on what types of videos to prioritize or where to start. If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite B2B companies with excellent video content. From product videos to educational videos and everything in between, see for yourself how B2B companies use video to bring their brand to life. Let’s go!

When people come to your website for the first time, how do you tell them so quickly what your business is all about? Help people understand the value your product or service offers with a short product video! Take a look at these two examples from UserTesting and Zendesk.

UserTesting is a platform for usability testing and research tools. To show how UserTesting can help people gain true human insight in just a few hours, the website includes a product overview video. The 3:30 minute long video features a nice mix of animation, real people and clips from the platform’s user experience. These elements are combined to tell a coherent fire story. See for yourself!

Another great example of a product video is from Zendesk, an award-winning customer service software. The platform recently added a new customer experience feature called Sunshine. The function itself can be a bit complicated, so Zendesk created this colorful and engaging video to simplify the complexity and tell a compelling story about the benefits. Check it out below!

We love Zendesk’s use of eye-catching B-roll footage that helped communicate how Sunshine is used. Instead of just showing off your product in a video, consider taking a creative approach to storytelling like Zendesk.

Although video for social media is not new, many B2B brands still do not harness the power of video on channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The algorithms across most platforms even favor video because of its ability to capture attention and hold it longer than other types of content.

If you do not yet include video in your social media strategy, you may be missing out on great brand opportunities to engage your audience! See for yourself how Mailchimp and InVision use videos on social media to support their larger marketing campaigns.

When Mailchimp, the marketing automation platform and email marketing service, dropped a batch of new email templates to its customers, it announced this exciting news with a short 19-second video on Twitter. The video shows a couple of the new email templates and the options for customizing email campaigns that look and sound like your brand.

Do you have a new product or function? Make a video ad on social media like Mailchimp! Remember – video does not have to be long to make a big impact.

On the other hand, InVision, the digital product design platform, uses social media video to promote its branded podcast Design better. By showing an audio clip from Design Better and some text explaining the episode, InVision created a very visual way to engage potential listeners on LinkedIn.

Social media videos can be used in an infinite number of ways as one part of an overall marketing campaign. So what prevents you from making a recipe that includes video in your social strategy?

Ready to rethink the way you approach your social media strategy? Dig into the all-new Wistia social media video guide to learn everything – from creating and editing your video content, to distributing your videos across multiple platforms to measuring the impact and success of your social videos .

Then let’s discuss how videos can make a difference in your brand’s customer support experience. How often do you watch videos on a site’s help center? We are not betting enough, especially when it comes to B2B brands with more complex products and systems.

Here are two examples from Shopify and Zoom that show how video helps customers answer their questions in minutes.

Shopify, the e-commerce platform, organizes its Shopify Help Center on its website by topic. It embeds videos on multiple pages that give people an “Introduction to Shopify”, teach people “How to choose a payment provider” and more. Shopify also directs users to its YouTube channel, Shopify Help Center, which has 138,000 subscribers and counters. The channel has a playlist called “Getting Started in Shopify”, which covers the basics of getting up and running on the platform.

Similarly, Zoom, the trusted video conferencing platform, has a YouTube channel with a playlist called “How To Zoom” which gives people quick tips and tutorials for success. Zoom embedded the YouTube videos more prominently in the Help Center on the Zoom website, and instructed visitors in “Start Viewing Zoom Product Guides” to easily find answers to questions.

See how you can go the extra mile to answer your customers’ questions using video? From customer help center videos to enhancing customer support with video correspondence, there are plenty of ways video can enhance your customer experience.

How can B2B marketers leverage the world’s second largest search engine? Learn how to develop a better YouTube strategy for your brand in this post.

Move on! Educational content is created to empower and enlighten customers, and video is often the best tool for the job. Whether you’re investing in webinars, testimonials, live events or thought-provoking content, there are so many opportunities for B2B brands to use educational video content to create deeper connections with audiences!

One B2B brand that creates amazing case studies of its customers is Frame.io, the cloud-based collaboration platform. Frame.io has an entire library showing its video case studies that help visitors imagine the issues that Frame.io could solve for their own business. Here’s an example of Frame.io’s case study of how Refinery29 expanded its video content output with the product.

Are you used to making long written guides to educate your audience? Formlabs, a maker of powerful and affordable 3D printing technologies for businesses, said, “We’ll give you a video guide instead!” In its “How to Choose a Desktop 3D Printing Technology” video guide, Formlabs compares different technologies across popular buying considerations.

Several companies could benefit from finding ways to replace traditional educational content with video to increase their brand impact. All it takes is some creativity and an investment in video – trust us, it’s worth it!

Also, do not be afraid to use video to show your brand personality! Purely entertaining content can win over your audience and entice them to want to learn more about your business.

Squarespace and ezCater are two examples of B2B companies letting their personality shine through in these super fun brand videos.

Squarespace, the website building and hosting company, created a brand video that amplifies how its platform helps people make any idea they have a reality. Is your big idea to sell a line of opera-themed soaps (or a soap opera)? Squarespace uses humor and ingenuity to explain how the platform enables marketing and branding for every conceivable crazy idea.

Online catering marketplace ezCater also took an out-of-the-box approach to creating a delightful brand video. ezCater’s video depends on the idea that many people do not want to return to work after being away for so long during the pandemic. You can install an office water slide to try and convince your team to return to work. Or you can order breakfast from ezCater!

## HubSpot and Wistia for Surprise and Joy Videos Last but certainly not least, you can use video in creative and surprising ways that will delight prospects and customers. We have two final examples that will inspire you to use video to leave a lasting impression on your audience. The first example is from HubSpot, the software platform for in-depth marketing, sales and customer service. To communicate that there are no hard feelings after someone unsubscribes from their marketing emails, HubSpot saw an opportunity to make a video for these people before saying a final goodbye.

And what happens when you send a “contact” request? Well, at Wistia, your confirmation comes in the form of a video that will definitely make you smile. Before people hear back from us within a weekday, we wanted to hold a pep talk that informs them about our features in a subtle way. So we’ve made a sales video with a Mighty Ducks theme!

Email unsubscribe videos and sales “get in touch” videos are just two ways to please your leads and customers. Think about what other brand contact points could benefit from a little video magic!

We shed light on five creative ways for B2B brands to use video in this post!

If there is one thing you should take away from these examples, it is that all B2B companies have room for video somewhere in their marketing funnel. Whether you’re creating a memorable brand video or starting to sprinkle video content across your social channels, we encourage you to start making more videos for your business. Get out there and try the video – you never know what kind of inspiration will come to you!

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