Progressive coalition restores before 2022

“We are trying to save the Democratic Party from itself,” Mejia said. “Turning right towards the center has failed the Democratic Party and left the base unmotivated, unspoken, disorganized. The game will be won by doing the exact opposite. This is about going door to door, state by state, to mobilize the base. That’s what CPD does. “

In the years since former President Donald Trump’s election, Democrats have been debating whether to focus on exciting party foundations or persuading swinging voters. The conversation was often controversial: Democrat David Shor, a computer scientist, has said the idea of ​​increased voter turnout, not turning voters over, was key to President Joe Biden’s victory is “the closest thing to flat-earth politics.”

The fact that the Center for Popular Democracy, a large and powerful left-wing organization that serves as a network of 48 groups, promises to continue to pursue a base-first strategy, underscores that progressives are sticking to their guns by 2022 despite this month’s election losses. Both established Democrats like former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, as well as left-wing campaigns in Seattle, Minneapolis and Buffalo, NY, fell short last Tuesday.

“I’m from Ohio. I do not know this mythical suburban turner. I do not actually know that person. I do not know if that person exists at all. I think our job and our job is to strengthen our base. It is common sense, right? First, watch what happens in your house, ”Cooper said.

The Center for Popular Democracy will not say which states it plans to invest in next year, but it has partners on the battlefields, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin and Ohio.

While working on Sanders’ campaign in 2020, Mejia helped secure approval for the Vermont Senator from the Center for Popular Democracy.

Both Sanders and rep. Pramila Jayapal, president of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, threw their weight behind the new leaders of the Center for Popular Democracy.

Sanders said in a statement that “in a time of massive wealth and income inequality, and when the top 1 percent are doing phenomenally well, we need a strong grassroots progressive movement to tackle corruption in the political and economic establishment. , “and” Analilia understands that struggle. “

Jayapal added: “I look forward to continuing to fight together [CPD’s] members and leaders – including Analilia Mejia and DaMareo Cooper – in the coming months as we live up to our promises to adopt policies that allow people to wake up and feel a real difference in their lives and the opportunities of their families have.”

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