Netflix Games is coming to Apple iOS and iPadOS tomorrow

In context: After cutting a significant place for itself in the streaming industry, Netflix is ​​ready to expand its activities to new territories, namely video games. In fact, the company has already started doing so: last week it rolled out its first version of “Netflix Games” to Android users, and soon it will be tested on iPhone and iPad.

If you have not yet heard of Netflix Games, the concept is simple enough. As part of your Netflix subscription, you can access a handful of free, exclusive mobile games without in-app purchases or additional fees. However, the current list of games is small. There are only five in total, or six, if you count the upcoming League of Legends-themed game Hextech Mayhem.

The games are as follows:

  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Sliding bars
  • Tilt up
  • Short burst

Although I have not played any of these titles myself, I can not say that they look particularly amazing. The two Stranger Things games are interesting, but the other three seem by default, slightly generic mobile titles. That does not mean they are bad, are; just nothing to write home about. At least on the surface.

Either way, Netflix Games is coming to iOS and iPadOS tomorrow (November 10). About a week after the rollout of the Apple device, Hextech Mayhem is launched. It’s a League of Legends spin-off that mixes sidescrolling “runner” action with platforming and rhythm mechanics.

Honestly, it looks pretty funny, and its release could not have been timed better: The League’s spin-off TV series, Arcane, just hit Netflix over the last weekend (and it’s pretty good, in my opinion).

If Netflix games prove to be popular, it’s likely to receive a much larger list of games down the line. It is certainly a great opportunity for the streaming giant. It already streams a host of popular original shows, ranging from Stranger Things to The Witcher. Why not use some of these features to create small, low-budget mobile games to keep people subscribed to Netflix? If the titles are simple or eye-catching enough, even non-players can dive in.

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