LPBW’s Jeremy, Audrey Roloff welcomes their 3rd child

LPBW's Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcome their 3rd child

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff Lent by Audrey Roloff / Instagram

Another one! Audrey Roloff gave birth to her and Jeremy Roloffthird baby on Monday, November 8th.

“Welcome to the world Radley Knight Roloff,” Audrey, 30, wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, November 9th. “We are so thankful to God for having answered so many specific prayers in relation to this work and delivery.”

The TV personality noted that the couple’s new boy was born at 6:32 and weighed 9.1 lbs. “One word I had prayed over this birth was ‘harmony,'” Audrey continued. “And it really was one of the most harmonious experiences.”

Jeremy also announced their son’s arrival via social media, praising his wife for her “enormous strength” during the birth.

“The Roloff household is healthy and full of joy, thank you all for the prayers and good wishes,” he wrote to the post.

Audrey first showed off her baby bump as well as an ultrasound image in her pregnancy announcement in July.

“We’re becoming a family of 5!” the Oregon native wrote a video with her husband, 31, and their children – daughter Ember, 4, and son Bode, 22 months. “Our little tie-breaker is coming for November!”

When Jeremy added in his own post that he was closer to convincing Audrey to “get a minivan”, she replied: “Good try, but no, you can not [have one]. “

That Small people, big world alums’ revelation came six months after they exclusively told Us Weekly about their plans to expand their family.

“We always said we wanted a big family and I feel like my body [is] fully recovered now, ”Audrey said in January. “I’m out for a year. Bode – he just had his 1st birthday. So we’d like to have more children sometime soon in the near future.”

She and Jeremy became parents in September 2017 when Ember arrived and the toddler was a “sweet” big sister to her little brother after his birth in January 2020.

“You and I can not stop smiling and laughing at the things she says about him and to him,” Audrey wrote on Instagram at the time. “She is so eager to take care of him and give him a lot of love.”

LPBW's Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcome their 3rd child

Audrey Roloff Lent by Audrey Roloff / Instagram

Siblings got along “pretty well … in the beginning,” Audrey said U.S the following year. “[Bode learning to] crawling and taking her toys was a different adaptation, but she has always been super for babies and super caring, so she was thrilled. ”

Audrey and Jeremy were married in September 2014 in Oregon, four months after the groom fell to his knees.

The former TLC personalities celebrate each anniversary “as a national holiday,” Audrey told her Instagram followers in September 2020.

“For us, it’s super important,” she told a slide show of PDAs at the time. “In my opinion, the celebration of your marriage once a year should deserve more planning, reorganization of work schedules, building excitement, creativity and tradition than most of the American holidays. Every other year, Jeremy and I weigh who is planning ours. anniversary – we both like surprises. “

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