Fitbit Charge 5 gets new features; ECG, blood glucose measurement and more

Fitbit launched Charge 5 smart wearables earlier this year with a bunch of new features. The company has rolled out an update recently that includes new features such as ECG and blood glucose monitoring. These two features were announced at the time of launch; however, it was not available at the time. Users who have activated the premium membership plan can access the daily readiness score in the Fitbit app. These features are currently available in devices such as Luxe, Inspire 2, Charge 5, Sense, Verse 3 and versa 2. Users do not need to update their devices as the features are automatically downloaded on all the qualified smart wearables from Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge 5 new features: ECG and blood glucose measurement

The ECG and blood glucose tracking feature generates the results of activity-logged sleep and heart rate measurement. Users are told if their health is good enough to work or if they need to rest.

Fitbit Charge 5 will suggest you the recommended workouts from the company’s own library, and it will also tell you when your body needs rest. Users will have to wear the smart wearable for four consecutive days to start getting scores.

Fitbit Charge 5 gets new features;  ECG, blood glucose measurement and more

The ECG feature included in the Fitbit smart wearable check for signs of atrial fibrillation or an irregular heartbeat that can result in serious health problems.

If you are using a Fitbit Charge 5 smart wearable, just touch the side panels with two fingers and hold them until the reading is complete.

Many smartwatch manufacturers release smart wearables with ECG readers like the Apple Watch and Fitbit Sense smartwatch. Diabetic patients can now keep track of their health by using the blood sugar tracking feature in the Fitbit app. They can check their glucose levels and how they change during the day. Users can keep track of their activity, nutrition and sleep using the Fitbit app.

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