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London’s first super boutique hotel on Leicester Square, The Londoner, is a collection of spaces, tastes and experiences brought to life across 16 floors. Part of Edwardian Hotels London, The Londoner has been curated to reflect the drama and elegance of West End life. Synonymous with luxury, The Londoner specified AXOR brass items throughout the hotel. From its rooms and suites to the Retreat Spa and hotel toilets, AXOR supplied all washbasin and bath faucets, showers and handsets, kitchen faucets and accessories for this iconic building.

Reflecting the industrial metalwork on the outside of the building, AXOR’s brushed black chrome finish was chosen for all products. The AXOR Citterio has been chosen for its sleek silhouette and first-class feel, and is an honor in every room. In standard rooms, the AXOR Citterio E 3-hole wall-mounted washbasin mixer has been chosen, while the suites boast the AXOR Citterio M. Citterio E shower set complete with overhead and 120 3jet hand showers, and the Citterio E bathtub socket can be found in both. Public toilets have Citterio E single-handle washbasin fittings for the washbasins, and where there are kitchens in the room, AXOR Uno fittings have been chosen.

With attention to the smallest details, the iconic brushed black chrome finish has also been applied to all universal accessories. From handles to shower doors and grab racks to towel hooks and toilet paper holders, London bathrooms have a truly total luxury aesthetic.

“AXOR was the natural choice for this hotel,” said Rob Steul, The Londoners’ chief architect and creative director of the Edward Group London. “The Londoner is about understated luxury, we wanted guests to feel like they experienced the best. AXOR delivers it in both product design and function. The shower experience is like no other.”

brushed steel and marble surfaces in a modern hotel bathroom

Photo credit: The Londoner Hotel

With environmental sustainability at the heart of London’s design, the hotel boasts an “Excellent” rating from BREEAM that exceeds the requirements of sustainable energy and water consumption. A key role in this is AXOR’s innovative technology, which reduces water consumption without compromising performance. Thanks to its AirPower and EcoSmart technologies, the water is aerated, reducing consumption by up to 60 percent from traditional mixers without compromising on performance. As the water is filled with air, the drops become full and they gather the body when they fall, to provide an unparalleled showering experience.

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