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Dozens of protesters stood with their bicycles at the entrance to the Cop26 conference early in the morning and rang their bells under the slogan “this machine fights climate change”.

Electric cars will be the main item on the agenda for the transport day at the climate conference, and bicycles are not expected to be discussed at all.

Eleanor, who has been cycling every day since she was a child, said cycling should be made safer in Glasgow so more people can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits.

“Cycling is activism,” she said. “The infrastructure is not fully set up yet, so if cycling is your most important mode of transport, be prepared to make an effort.”

Bob from Glasgow agreed with the sentiment: “Cycling has been airbrushed out of our future,” he warned, saying electric cars should not be the main vehicle on the agenda.

“Children should not be told that they will get a car when they grow up, but they will get to own a bike.”

Get Glasgow Moving is also holding a demo on public transport from kl. 9 in the morning.


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Draft text published by the Cop26 Presidency

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