Chains dominate the current 24/7 diner options in Denver

One of the victims during the pandemic was the 24/7 restaurant, where all of the night’s joints got a big hit. While a few make a comeback, one never reopened after all Colorado restaurants were ordered to close for local eateries in March 2020.

It would be Tom’s Diner at 601 East Colfax Avenue. But its demise was no surprise: it was to close in the summer of 2020, in an agreement that allowed owner Tom Messina to sell to a developer who promised not only to keep the structure – a classic example of Googie coffee house architecture that got its start as part of the White Spot chain – but get it listed in the official historical register. The pandemic has just moved up in that schedule.

But the pandemic also claimed the Denver Diner at 740 West Colfax, which occupied yet another example of Googie architecture that had started life as a White Spot. While the popular dining room was reopened shortly after restaurants were allowed to offer on-site dining at the end of May 2020, it never came back after restaurants were again ordered closed that November. The Skordos family had already sold the property several years ago; last week it was revealed that it had been sold again, to a bank.

Back in January, when Konstantine Skordos, who ran her family joint, revealed that Denver Diner would not reopen in its original location, he told us, “I will never forget the place, and I will make sure no one else does either. “We may be gone now, but not forever. We’ll be back, Denver, better than ever.”

So far, though, there is no word from the Skordos clan about where the Denver Diner can reopen – if it ever does.

Other former 24/7 go-tos around town, such as Breakfast King and McCoy’s, still close their doors well before midnight. But there are a handful of places where you can now score a meal at any time, as long as you do not mind visiting a chain. And Great Scott’s Eatery and Pete’s Kitchen have brought back all night service, at least on the weekends.

Here are your current options 24/7 in the Denver metro area:

Pete's Kitchen is only 24/7 on weekends.  - DANIELLE LIRETTE

Pete’s Kitchen is only 24/7 on weekends.

Danielle Lirette


6 of 13 subway stations in Denver
Open 24 hours

Fantastic Scott’s eatery
1295 Cortez Street
Open 24 hours Thursday to Saturday, 7.00 to 22.00 Sunday to Wednesday

1595 South Colorado Boulevard
Open 24 hours

1995 South Colorado Boulevard
Open 24 hours

Pete’s kitchen
1962 East Colfax Avenue
7am to 9pm Monday to Thursday, 7am Friday to 9pm Sunday

Waffle house

Castle Rock, Littleton and Parker locations
Open 24 hours


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