Best yoga mat for rug

Best training mats for blankets

So you decided to start practicing yoga more safely?

I congratulate you on your smart choice. ONE non-slip yoga mat for rug helps you stay confident and even more focused on your practice. The fact that you do not have to worry about slipping out of your position gives you the necessary attention and even the courage to push yourself further with our list of best yoga mat for rug. This way, you can improve your yoga practice and try the positions that you would not try before, with the safety of your new non-slip mat.

In this article I have collected best training mat for blanket available just a click away from your computer screen. I have personally studied these mats according to customer reviews and brands reputation. Some of them are also based on personal experience and yogi master recommendations that I have known for many years with yoga.

Also note that I can earn a small commission by clicking on these links. But hey, what’s the harm in a little support for a medyogy and yoga blogger? I thank in advance.

Here is our top 7 selection of best yoga mat for rugs on the market

  1. LIFORME original yoga mat – 4.2 mm thick mat
  2. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat – 4.7 mm Premium thick mat
  3. Ajna Organic Yoga Mat – Natural Jute Yoga mats 5 mm thick
  4. JADE YOGA – Harmony Yoga mat 4.7 mm thick
  5. Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print 6mm Extra thick mat
  6. Plyopic all-in-one yoga mat – 3.5 mm thick
  7. YOGA DESIGN LAB – 3 mm thick
Top choice

LIFORME original yoga mat


  • Color : Gray
  • Feel : LIFORME
  • Material : Rubber
  • Course objectives LxWxH : 72.83 x 26.77 x 0.17 inches
  • Object thickness : 1 centimeter
  • The weight of the item : 2.5 kg
Top choice

Manduka PROlite yoga mat


  • Color : Sort
  • Feel : Manduka
  • Material : Rubber
  • Course objectives LxWxH : 71 x 24 x 0.19 inches
  • Object thickness : 4.7 millimeters
  • The weight of the item : 1.8 kg
Top choice

Ajna organic yoga mat


  • Color : Jordbrun
  • Feel : AJNA
  • Material : Jute
  • Course objectives LxWxH : 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.79 inches
  • Object thickness : 5 millimeters
  • The weight of the item : 4.4 pounds
Top choice

JADE YOGA Yoga mat


  • Color : Sort
  • Feel : Jade Yoga
  • Material : Rubber
  • Course objectives LxWxH : 68 x 24 x 0.19 inches
  • Object thickness : 4.7 millimeters
  • The weight of the item : 4.2 pounds
Top choice

Gaiam yoga mat


  • Color : Marrakesh
  • Feel : Gaiam
  • Material : Polyvinyl chloride
  • Course objectives LxWxH : 0.2 x 24 x 68 inches
  • Object thickness : 6 millimeters
  • The weight of the item : 1.13 kg
Top choice

Plyopic all-in-one yoga mat


  • Color : Persia
  • Feel : Plyopisk
  • Material : Rubber
  • Course objectives LxWxH : 71 x 25.6 x 0.14 inches
  • Object thickness : 3.5 millimeters
  • The weight of the item : 2.3 kg
Top choice



  • Color : Mandala Aqua
  • Feel : Yoga Design Lab
  • Material : Polyurethane, Rubber
  • Course objectives LxWxH : 24 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Object thickness : 3 millimeters
  • The weight of the item : 2.8 kg

Do I need a yoga mat on the carpet?

ONE non-slip yoga mat sounds like the right deal, why? Because slipping while doing yoga is more than just feeling embarrassed in front of the audience, it can have consequences that can sometimes be costly for your pocket and your health. If you practice at home and do yoga on the carpet, you can fall over a decorative piece or other furniture and break them down. But worse than that, is creating damage to your joints and even breaking something. So in a nutshell, you need a yoga mat that does not slip off.

Also, if you are planning to sign up for a hot yoga class, or if you are already a Bikram Yoga practitioner, then you need to know that sweat is a friend of yoga mat ties. To get the most out of your practice and start your flow with ease of mind and without the stress of potential falls, yoga market experts have introduced the anti-slip yoga mat versions, which work wonders.

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Factors to consider when buying a non-slip yoga mat

So you are going to buy one non-slip yoga mat. What are the factors you exactly need to consider? Well, let’s start with the obvious;

I imagine you’re thinking something like Duh! But wait; it’s more complicated than that. There are several types of patterns that add up non-slip function of the mat. Long and diagonal edge constructions, dotted surfaces, wavy patterns, and whether it is on one or both sides.

Material is an equally important factor to look for high-end yoga mats. The real feeling of a yoga mat lies in its material. Some are smoother than others. Known as best yoga mat for ashtanga, there are yoga mats of wood and bamboo that are usually layered at the bottom with transaction rubber and also to add elasticity and flexibility. These types of mats have amazing traction on the top surface and are my favorite for Bikram and ashtanga yoga.

Yoga mats made of vinyl, or PVC are the most common, economical and relatively lightweight. The new technology has made them 100 percent recyclable if you dispose of them properly. However, if you are allergic or have sensitive skin, I suggest you choose a natural material like wood or rubber.

Speaking of rubber, rubber yoga mats are flexible with better durability, washability and comfort in touch compared to wood- that they are one hundred percent natural.

Other notable materials are cork yoga mats, hemp yoga mats, and jute yoga mats. Remember that the material on your mat also defines its tackiness, smoothness and texture. So choose wisely! 😉

The thickness of your yoga mats for rugs is selected based on the type of practice you are to participate in. If you e.g. have joint pain or have recently suffered an injury, you should go for a thick yoga mat that goes by the name yoga mats for injured knees.

Ashtanga yogis with many quick landings and handstand require thin yoga mats; this kind of strength training yoga has no room to pamper anyone! Just for fun. The reason is that a fast flow can be disturbed if your mat is on the thicker side, which in itself can cause imbalances.

Other points to keep in mind are your preference for the top surface; I mean, if you like it smooth or textured to add more security to your practice. And if you’re a guy who sweats a lot during training, one yoga towel can help you deal with slips caused by moisture.

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