Ashlee Holmes insists husband Pete was cheated after denial, RHONJ Alum shares details, reconciliation possible?

RHONJ Alum Ashlee Holmes Malleo's estranged husband Pete denies cheating, claims they broke up months ago and says he has "No intentions" to get back togetherAshlee Holmes Malleoher estranged husband, Pete Malleo, fighting back against rumors of infidelity.

After the former Real Housewives in New Jersey the star went on his Instagram page over the weekend, claiming that Pete had “preoccupied with fucking some who seem to be hit”, Pete shared a statement of his own stating when he and Ashlee broke up, and noted that he has “no intentions”. to get back with her.

“I’ve never been unfaithful,” Pete told Us Weekly on November 8. “Ashlee and I have been separated and living apart since August and we are currently in the process of getting a divorce. At this point I am only focused on our son and continue to show him unconditional love. As such I will not come “with further comments to any news media. I hope Ashlee and I can resolve our divorce in a private manner outside of the public for the sake of our son.”

Pete also spoke to Page Six about the reports of cheating and insisted, “All I did was ask for a friend and like some pictures.”

‘I then asked that person to hang out. I clarified that I am single. We are going through a divorce and Ashlee’s lawyer has been served back in early October, ”he explained. “To say I’m unfaithful is ridiculous. I’ve never been unfaithful in my life. [And] I have explained to Ashlee several times that I have no intention of reuniting. “

Ashlee, daughter of Jacqueline laurita, married Pete, father of her five-year-old son Cameron, in August 2018. The couple announced that they were divorcing in July 2020. Then, in February this year, the couple confirmed that they were giving up their “complicated” marriage yet one shot.

After Pete’s statement, Ashlee refused to accuse him of cheating, but said he has been unfaithful in the past.

“To be clear, I never said that Pete was unfaithful to me. But if Pete wants to make a statement, then it’s only fair that I answer. This is the last thing I want to say about the case, as I am disgusted. over all this. Facts are facts. Pete HAS actually been unfaithful to me in the past, “she revealed.” He had an online flirtation with a girl where pictures were exchanged through the first year of our relationship and ended up somewhere about three months in. in my pregnancy. “

According to Ashlee, Pete lied about seeing another woman after their latest split, while apparently giving her hope for a future reconciliation.

“Pete and I have been hanging out a lot lately, including a family movie night, several lunches and dinners, including a dinner with my brother … Pete had told me how he does not see anyone, how he does not intend to be seen. someone anytime soon, ”she explained.

“When asked about this woman, he denied it and said I ‘needed help’ to think such a thing at all,” Ashlee continued. “Meanwhile, he’s actually persecuted this woman. How do I know that? The woman has DMd me screenshots of her texts between herself and Pete to antagonize me.”

“That Pete says that all he did was make a friend request ‘someone’ and ‘like some pictures’ is a gross understatement. I will not allow him to change the narrative,” she added.

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